Unsplash | Daniele Bissoli

Viral Hack Solves The Frustrating Task Of Folding A Fitted Sheet Once And For All

Folding sheets is a pain in the butt.

Luckily, like all good things, there's a hack for that. TikTok user @amymaree922 posted a helpful tutorial by her mom, who seems to be a genius at folding fitted sheets. Let's check out how she does it and marvel at her insane skills!

This is mind-blowing, tbh.

Okay, so what you're going to want to do is start out with the sheet on a drying line. I haven't seen one of these since I was 14, but no matter. If you have one, use it. If you don't...use the pole in your closet that you hang your clothes on. YEAH, I'M CRAFTY.

So, let's get to folding.

With the elastic facing outward, carefully lift one side of the sheet and fold it towards the center. Make sure your dog is supervising you for maximum success.

And repeat.

Onto the third fold. We're going to take our sheet and fold it over itself to create one long panel. I'm sorry to report this stage did not keep the dog's attention.

Remove from the line.

Once you have everything folded over, carefully remove the sheet from the line. You can see where we're going here, right? It's time to finish folding!


We are done and all folded. Look at those crisp lines! The lack of lumpiness! The dog who looks impressed! This is how you fold a sheet, people. Bow down.

Okay, so the real mystery here is how she got it on the line.

How the heck does that sheet look so fresh and crisp and WRINKLE-FREE? I am so very jealous of her mad sheet skills. I'm also not willing to iron my sheets, so I need to know the secret.

Yeah, this is more my speed.

If I still had a drying line, I would 100% do this. I have no interest in folding my sheets. Have you ever tried doing that? It's deeply annoying.

I do this.

I'm not an animal, so I at least roll the sheet up so that it looks semi-okay before shoving it in the cupboard. My mom raised me right.

You can watch the whole process here.

How jealous are you of her skills, and would you try folding your sheets like this? Or are you more of a roll and shove kind of folder? Let me know!