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Amazon Worker Films The Moment He Reached His Breaking Point

Amazon is a massive company that's impossible to ignore.

Many of us have utilized it to order virtually anything we might want, all delivered at suspiciously fast speeds.

There's also the darker side: underpaid emplyees who are worked to their breaking point, all to get boxes onto trucks and keep those profits rolling in.

One Amazon worker shows us the moment he reached his breaking point.

Mailing out those packages isn't easy.

Amazon utilizes massive warehouses to fulfill orders. Employees often have to work miles every day just to find specific items and get them into boxes. It's demanding, grueling work, and the job conditions have been attracting increased negative attention in recent years.

TikToker Willy Ngoran has had enough.

TikTok | @willy.ngoran

Ngoran, who you can find @willy.ngoran works at an Amazon warehouse.

He often focuses on the work culture at Amazon in his TikTok vids. While some of his videos showcase his sense of humor, it's hard to ignore the brutal conditions.

It often seems like an impossible job.

In this video, Ngoran breaks down the process of getting those Amazon packages on your doorstep.

From filling boxes to getting them on a truck to driving them to their intended location, it's a wonder that they're able to arrive so quickly.

The warehouses are massive.

Here, he shows us what happens before the packages are loaded onto a truck. Amazon sells a huge array of products, and, of course, it requires massive warehouses to store all of these individual items.

He's done with deliveries.

This brief sixteen-second video shows, succinctly, why he doesn't want to do deliveries anymore. Surprisingly, it isn't because of Amazon's demands. It's just because some deliveries are absolutely ridiculous.

It took him nearly two hours to deliver over 300 packages to one address.

What caused this?

TikTok | @willy.ngoran

In a follow-up comment, Ngoran explains that these massive deliveries aren't particularly unusual, but that they're usually divided up more equitably. Calling on one driver to spend a few hours unloading everything was apparently a last resort.

Why did she order so much stuff?

TikTok | @willy.ngoran

Realistically, there are endless reasons someone might need this — from moving day to replacing lost or stolen possessions to donating to a charity. As it turns out, this big delivery was for a local military regiment.

Do we open the debate further?

TikTok | @willy.ngoran

One commenter brought up the possibility of tipping Amazon delivery drivers. Tipping can be a big debate in itself, so I'd rather not go there.

If an Amazon driver goes above and beyond, the company should give them a bonus.

What do you think?

Have you ever worked as a delivery driver? If so, what was the worst day on the job you ever had?

Let us know what you think of this big Amazon delivery, and share your stories in the comments below!