McDonald's In Arizona Swaps Its Famous Yellow Arches For Turquoise Ones Instead

Kasia Mikolajczak

When you see the big yellow "M" in the distance, you instantly think of McDonald's. This big fast-food chain is synonymous with its large symbol proudly displayed at its front entrance.

But I'm here to tell you that there is one unique location you have to visit one day. And you'll be surprised when you arrive at its front door. Let me tell you all about it, okay?

Who here can walk by McDonald's and resist the scent of freshly-made french fries?

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Oh my goodness — if you can, then you have stronger self-control than I do, ha, ha. This iconic fast-food chain really does know how to attract its audience.

If it's not the smell of the fries, then it's the big yellow "M" sign that catches your eye.

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And you can probably agree, it's pretty hard to ignore, hee-hee. But did you know there is one McDonald's location that doesn't use the yellow sign?

Oh yes, that's right.

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A location in Sedona, Arizona, has changed the color of their McDonald's golden arches. Oh my! They actually painted it over with a teal color instead of the famous yellow that we know and love. Can you believe that?

Check this out.

See? I was totally right. So why in the heck would this particular location do that, you ask? Well, they have a pretty good reason, after all. You see, Sedona is famous for its stunning surrounding environment.

The story goes like this:

They are particularly fond of the towering red rock mountains and the natural beauty around them.

So the city of Sedona issued some rules when it comes to its buildings and structures: They are not to clash with the natural environment.

Now you see it makes perfect sense, no?

The city officials believed that the famous yellow arches would clash with Mother Nature’s beauty, so they picked another color for their local McDonald's. And as you now know, teal was the color of choice.

Wow, how cool is that?

Another awesome feature of this unique sign is the fact, that it illuminates at night, which makes this particular location even more spectacular. I guess it's now a bigger attraction than it would have been without it, huh?

That's one clever way to bring more tourism to your town.

I don't know if the city officials had this plan all along or if it's the lucky after-effect of it all. But regardless, I think it would be an interesting vacation spot.

So what do you think of this idea to change the color of the famous McDonald's yellow sign?

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Are you digging it or not? I think it would be cool if other places switched the color of it as well. It would make it more fun to check them off your travel bucket list, no?