People Are Sharing Their Horror Stories Of Terrible Managers

Unless you're supremely lucky, you've probably dealt with a horrible boss at some point in your working life.

A Twitter user shared his story of being told by a manager at his minimum wage job that his "heart wasn't in it".

Of course, this relatable story led to a cascade of commiseration over horrible bosses.

Zero sympathy.

Twitter | @gear4geeks

We all have to deal with grief at one time or another in life, and these are the times when we can usually depend on friends, families and employers being at least somewhat understanding. I guess that isn't always the case.

Gotta be fire.

Twitter | @Jdl_X8

I know employers expect the world of their employees because they're getting paid, but ultimately, some jobs are just unspectacular. I don't think a simple data entry job gives a person enough latitude to "set the world on fire."

Stress spiral.

Twitter | @coralbluenmbr5

This is essentially gaslighting, trying to convince a person of something that isn't true. I wonder if this person's boss knows they have a bad memory and were banking on that fact when they pulled this BS.

You're going away for a long time.

Twitter | @Immerwild

I'm of two minds here: while it isn't a great idea to air your dirty laundry over social media, it's also kind of silly for the boss to take such glee in producing the printed screenshots.

It's a promotion, with a catch.

Twitter | @sail_outtt

If your boss tells you that you can take on more responsibilities, it's usually an indication that you're doing well and that they trust you. That is, of course, unless they give you a promotion with this kind of condition on it.

Fair enough.

Twitter | @TMG_1991

Here's another one where I can understand the manager's position a little. Like, what else do you tell an employee who's slacking off? At the same time, I admire the employee for the brutal honesty of their reply.

It's set in stone.

Twitter | @erinntweets

I've run into this one before: needing time off to go to class, but not being able to get it because they've already made the schedule. I mean, c'mon, is it that hard to see if someone else could cover the shift.

Time to prioritize.

Twitter | @moviebuffchick2

I don't think any work, no matter how important or well-paying, should take precedence over tooth pain. Come to think of it, the same could be said for going to school and bettering yourself.

Just a tad invasive.

Twitter | @pepperjack98

First off, going to the toilet at the same time every day is a decent indication that your body is working perfectly. Secondly, this manager really needs to spend less time analyzing their employees' bathroom habits.

What does this even mean?

Twitter | @EvelynaEkokoKay

I'd like to know what this person was making at the time. If it was less than $14, was the boss trying to offer an incentive? If it was at $14, were they saying the employee would never make more than that?

This is the worst.

Twitter | @dwoozier

There's nothing worse than a workplace that makes you feel guilty for leaving when you're allowed to leave. Why should anyone feel compelled to stick around and keep working when they're not getting paid for it?

Sounds like an indecisive manager.

Twitter | @antitalianbigot

I'd love to know what was going through this manager's head to go from a random firing for a random reason to processing said firing to hiring the person back, all before she'd even had a chance to leave.

Time to get out of the industry.

Twitter | @Alana_Reina23

Panic attacks are no fun, and a decent manager would have known to handle this employee with care. Telling someone who's had a panic attack something like this is a surefire way to lose them as an employee.

Follow the leader.

Twitter | @taylor__aquino

Sometimes, all you need to get the push to do something is to see somebody else doing it. It might feel like you can't quit a job until you see your coworkers quitting their jobs en masse.

What, work isn't rewarding enough?

Twitter | @10legan

I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of people would gladly never work again if they were able to be financially secure. There needs to be recognition of the fact that most people need to work to live.

That's good management.

Twitter | @redskyatnight

It sounds like this person's manager was one of those frustrating, yet dumb, managers. They might create a few headaches, but at least you can easily trick them if they're making a big deal out of something.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Twitter | @HeyNowAMANDA

You definitely get used to being on your feet for this long, but once you step away for awhile, you realize how much it's messed up your body, not to mention your shoes.

What kind of reason is that?

Twitter | @bndaisies

I mean, her boss should have been more understanding when it comes to an employee's mental health. Putting that aside, though, what kind of boss fires someone with the official reason being that their "vibes are off"?

A real catch-22.

Twitter | @nahootman

You've gotta love the jobs that employ you just enough that they don't need to provide benefits, then get mad that you're not available outside of the limited hours that they've provided to you. There's no way for an employee to win in this situation.

Sounds like an easy choice.

Twitter | @ohlhockey72

Some jobs are good enough that it might be a tough choice between keeping them and going to school. But this manager drastically overestimated how much brand loyalty this person had to their 7-Eleven job.

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