TikToker Devours “World’s Biggest Burger” In Front Of Vegan Protesters

Vegan demonstrations are more frequent occurrences nowadays, but one TikToker took to one of these demonstrations with specific intentions following a dare from one of his followers.

After being dared to head to the nearest vegan demonstration and devour a burger, the TikToker's video garnered quite the reaction from meat-lovers and vegans alike.

The video sees the TikToker eat the "world's biggest burger" at a local demonstration.

While there is no confirmation that this is in fact the "world's biggest burger," the feast does seem to be pretty substantial as TikToker Jordan Adams shovels bite after bite of it into his face.

Some of the protestors can be seen wearing masks and playing videos of animal cruelty.

Most of the protestors remain silent as Adams chomps his way through the burger, with various protestors wearing masks while holding up screens showing videos of animal cruelty. Adams offers some of the protestors a bite of his burger, but they politely decline.

The video also sees Adams dubbed a "jokester" by one laughing protestor.

The video has received swathes of emphatic reactions both in favor of and against this sort of "prank."

Some of the more fervent reactions to the video came in the forms of:

"I can't help but think this is extremely disrespectful. I'm not vegan but I think we should respect everyone's decisions to a certain extent."

"Why'd you wast your time doing that, I don't see the point."

Although there were also those who did not see why vegan protestors should be allowed to show graphic content in public, with people writing the likes of:

"Why can they be mad at this but expect people to be okay with them holding up signs of dead animals protesting."

People taking meat to vegan protests is far from a new trend.

Unsplash | Simon Berger

Back in 2019, another individual went viral for eating a bucket of KFC at a vegan demonstration in Sydney, the video of the chicken-fanatic afterwards garnering over two million views.

Let us know what you make of this sort of prank in the comments.

h/t: LadBible & TikTok