Crochet Poison Apples Inspired By 'Snow White' Are A Deliciously Dark Craft

Crochet food is so confusing to me.

Why? Because it looks SO good that I genuinely want to eat it, that's why! Take these crochet noodles for example — tell me you don't want to take a bite out of those!

Next up in the "inedible but hey you do you" category: a crochet poison apple!

This is deliciously evil.

Try and tell me this isn't the cutest poison apple you've ever seen. Created by Etsy shop FayniToys, this amazing crochet poison apple can be made with any color combo you want!

I know what you're thinking: is the back as cute as the front?

Great news: of course it is. Look at those perfectly formed drips! I don't know how crocheters get that level of detail into the projects. I am in awe!

Buyers love the pattern.

Many noted that it's extremely easy to follow and great for beginners!

The pattern comes with 8 pages of detailed instructions, as well as 20 photos to guide you along.

You can get the pattern on Etsy.

The pattern is currently on sale for $3.60, down from the regular price of $6! Honestly, the regular price is still a total steal for such a cool pattern.