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People Are Sharing The Celebrity Deaths They're Not Quite Over Yet

Celebrities become a part of everyone's life in different ways depending on their hobbies, passions, and values. No matter what you enjoy, there's one big name that sticks in your head as someone iconic.

And when these people pass, it can really impact us greatly. We asked our Facebook audience which celebrity deaths they're still not over, and these were some of their answers.

David Bowie.

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"What makes him even more incredible is turning his death into art. Blackstar is such a haunting and beautiful album, you can feel how Bowie knew this would be his last work. The whole thing feels melancholy and longing, if that makes sense."

Alan Rickman.

"His passing was so sudden and had me upset all day at work. Such a gifted actor and mentor to so many aspiring actors."

Another commenter who got to see him live added, "One of the great joys of my life was sitting in the second row of a small local theater and seeing him in a panel discussion about film acting. The love for him in that audience was palpable. I hope he felt it."

Bruce Lee.

"[...] our world lost him in his prime 46 years ago, I was 11 then. No martial artists celebrity can hold a candle close to him. I’m still fascinated today with how he fights when ever I’m watching his movies [...]."

Robin Williams.

One reply came from someone who says they met him, "I met him in person so I can say I second this a million times over again! Genuine soul. There was nothing fake about that man."

"He brought so much joy and happiness to people. Some of my favorite memories are watching his movies with my family."

Chester Bennington.

"Such a great singer and really loved Linkin Park. I still can’t believe he’s gone, and wish I could’ve seen them in concert," wrote one reply.

"I remember where I was driving when I heard the news on the radio," said another, "Had to sit in my car for awhile once I parked, still can’t believe it. My heart forgets even though my brain remembers."

Jim Henson.

"I was just a kid at the time, but I grew up on Sesame Street and The Muppets and Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal… He has always been the one celebrity I regret never meeting. And the thought of just how much art and laughter we lost after he died young (mid-50s but going strong) still hurts."

Elvis Presley.

"[...] wish he could have been happy on earth. It seems he was only happy on stage. He, his friends, his fans and the public put too much pressure on him. [...] He was a great entertainer, he was unique."

Freddie Mercury.

"[...] what an icon. Best frontman of a band in history and miles ahead of anyone who is fighting for 2nd spot."

Another fan of his shared their perspective, "I was 11 and had just started getting into music. I remember I had taped A Kind Of Magic from vinyl so I could listen to it on my walkman. I can clearly remember the BBC news report."

Neil Peart.

"I was working a double the day the news hit. I had to go home between shifts just to cry. I’m 22, but I was raised on Rush. He wrote the lyrics to my childhood, so to think that he was gone just destroyed me."

Alex Trebek.

"Alex Trebek has been the absolute hardest. I cry about it frequently. I had a meltdown at work when he came out with his diagnosis," said one user.

Another added, "[...] I’ve watched Jeopardy every day for as long as I can remember. He was just such a part of my everyday life, as much as any celebrity can be."

Leonard Nimoy.

"I adored Spock. That character helped me get through my teens. My stepfather mocked me, saying 'in 10 years, nobody will even remember Star Trek existed.' I definitely got the last laugh with that one."

Whitney Houston.

"I cannot listen to most of her songs without being brought to tears. I can’t even listen to her mother sing either. Such a tragedy. I always play in my mind all the things that went wrong and how it could have been different [...]."

Heath Ledger.

"I was studying acting at the time, he was one of my role models. I’m standing in my college apt when my girlfriend texted me and I just stood there for a long time thinking about him, life, death, art… hung an article with his picture on my wall for many years. People in our theatre dept even had a party, a kind of wake. It was a big one for all of us."

Carrie Fisher.

"I remember feeling spaced out and depressed, really pondering about life afterwards. Star Wars was a big part of my childhood. When she passed I knew that the people we grew up are leaving us, personal and non personal. One day we will grow up, impact someone else’s life, then they will mourn us the same."

Steve Irwin.

"I miss him so much, he was the reason I would wake up early to watch Crocodile Hunter [on] Animal Planet cable tv before elementary school started. He really made me feel like all animals are not so bad when confronted, just to be respected at a distance."

Chadwick Boseman.

"His death was such a shock and a surprise to everyone. I had loved him since he did 42 about Jackie Robinson and was continuously excited for whatever movie he was in. It's a shame we will never be graced with his talent again."

Anthony Bourdain.

On why his death hit so hard, one person wrote, "I think it’s because we all could relate to him and how genuine he was with what he did, where he went, what he said. His openness with others and how easily he accepted them for who they were. [...] He touched a lot of people by how honestly he lived and his ability to be so transparent about it all."

Gene Wilder.

"He influenced both my childhood and adulthood and I think is owed credit for the person I am today. Since he was older it wasn't a horrid surprise, but it still hurt and affected me the most I think."


To give insight on how impactful his death was, one user wrote, "I was contracting at an Australian broadcaster at the time doing web analytics. Prince's death had a level of interest which was normally only seen at elections and the yearly music countdown. No other story was anything like it,"

Mr. Rogers.

"This one was it for me," replied another user. "It was like hearing that my grandfather had died, he helped shape my world when I was little and there were very real tears when I heard of his passing."