95-Year-Old Grandma And Her Grandson Are Living Their Best Lives

Ross Smith and his 95-year-old grandmother, Pauline "Granny" Kana, have quickly become a viral sensation.

Their relationship is like no other: they film hilarious videos and take silly photos together — often in equally hilarious costumes. There's also Granny's alter ego, Gangster Granny, that is EVERYTHING.

Suffice to say, we can always look forward to them cherishing every moment together!

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Ross Smith was attending the University of Dayton when he started filming six-second videos on Vine.

While he was making decent views, nothing compared to the traction he received when he had his Granny block one of his basketball shots.

“My brand just turned into me and Granny taking over the world,” Smith told Today.

“Our humor is universal,” Smith said. “Everyone knows Granny is funny.”

Since that first viral video, they've done everything from Granny raking a pile of leaves over a secret kinky message written in chalk to collaborating with celebrities, like Chuck Norris, Granny's crush.

Their millions of followers have followed them to different apps.

Making viral videos that people love has paid off — big time.

So far, it's estimated that Smith is worth $1.9 million. But his grandma doesn't care about the money as much as he does.

"My mom and I have come up with a strategy — I hope [Granny] doesn’t read this article — where we sneak money into her bank account every month," Smith told Money magazine.

Smith even tried to purchase his grandmother a house since she lives in a bad neighborhood, but she's refused.

She simply enjoys having an excuse to hang out with her grandson.

When he first started making videos, she didn't even know what the internet was.

Clearly, she's gotten the hang of it now! Keep scrolling below to see more of their viral moments.

The belle of the ball!

"Cinderella found her glass slipper! It didn’t fit too well with her bunions though. And yes that’s a real 1,000 pound pumpkin coach," Ross captioned this image on Instagram.

They'll need some serious magic to fix Ross's flat tire and Granny's carriage if they're going to make the ball in time!

They'll never let go!

The bond is too strong between this grandma and grandson for Ross to let go!

This picture also gives us an accurate depiction of what it would look like if the older Rose in the movie got to relive the door scene with Jack.

One of the pair's most entertaining series is Granny crashing bodybuilding conventions.

There, she goes up to different bodybuilders while wearing a shirt that says, "to the gun show."

In the clip, she goes up to a huge bodybuilder and says, "Those face tattoos don't scare me at all."

She was pretty savage at times.

At one point in the video, she went up to a blonde woman and said, "those are going to be saggy in a few years" while referring to her breasts.

This is all part of the "Gangster Granny" persona she's taken on.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic did keep Granny and her grandson separated for a while.

"I finally picked up granny today! She’s been locked up alone in her house for over a month! After quarantining myself very strictly for a month, today was the day I could finally pick up the 93 year old package!" he wrote.

Since people are so enamored with Granny, Ross often shares background info, like this tribute to her late husband.

"Grandpa died 33 years ago, but she talks about him every day and is tells me how amazing he was. I hear he was a legend even though I never got to meet him. His legacy still carries on! Happy Anniversary you two!" Ross wrote.

Yep, these two are truly something else!

They've done so many interesting things so far, like hang with Steve Harvey, win $100,000 from 9Gag, and meet celebrities. They've also raised money for Alzheimer’s research.

But most importantly, they get to spend lots of quality time together, which is absolutely priceless.