Subtle Movie Jokes That Completely Went Over My Head

Humor is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to filmmaking. But sometimes, some of the funniest aspects of a movie go right over our heads.

Below is a collection of subtle jokes that did exactly that. Have a look and discover all of the hilarious moments you likely never noticed from some of your favorite movies.

Mrs. Weasley knows her sons in *Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets*.

Fans of the Harry Potter series will no doubt remember the magical clock at the Weasley's house; the one that shows where each member of the family is. Understanding her sons' penchant for mischief, one such place on the clock just so happens to be prison.

Craig's girlfriend's paranoia is a reflection of her own bad decisions in *Friday*.

Craig's girlfriend Joi has some rather hostile tendencies. The funny part is that when she first calls Craig to accuse of him cheating on her — she's lying in bed next to another man.

Panic makes people act crazy in *Airplane!*.

Watch as the plane crashes through the window of the airport — do you notice that small purple blur in front of the nose? That's a baby that someone has thrown into the air in the midst of all the chaos.

Clark is terrible at washing dishes in *Vacation*.

He doesn't actually do any washing whatsoever. All Clark does is pick up a dirty dish, give it a quick wipe with a tea towel, and then place it back into the cupboard.

Listen closely to the song that plays while Jesus bowls in *The Big Lebowski*.

Jesus and The Dude are mortal enemies. The song playing in the background is a flamenco guitar version of The Eagles' immortal classic "Hotel California." As everyone knows — The Dude hates The Eagles.

The real name of Mr. Bean is revealed in *Bean*.

Not only does Mr. Bean have the best passport picture of all time but it turns out that his first name is actually "Mr." — who would have thought?!

The treasure chest in *Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story* is pretty ironic.

The label on the front reads "Deus ex Machina." A deus ex machina in literary terms is when an unexpected superpower or cosmic event intervenes to save an otherwise hopeless situation or plot.

Marty checks to make sure he's still wearing pants in *Back To The Future III*.

This is because, in the first two films, Marty's pants were removed by the people who found him after he was knocked unconscious. I guess by this point, he just assumed he'd be waking up naked.

*Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse* gave us the sequel we've all been clamoring for.

There's a movie poster on one of the buildings for From Dusk til Shaun. It turns out that this was actually a real pitch created by Simon Pegg as a joke.

Pay close attention to the heartrate monitor in *Talladega Nights*.

Ricky's heart rate is a steady 69 BPM and stays that way for the entire time that he's in the hospital bed talking to Cal! It's a little lewd but it does the trick.

Dewey Cox honors both of his wives in *Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story*.

For a period of time in the film, Dewey is married to both Darlene and Edith. If you pay attention to his ring finger on the left hand, you'll notice he's wearing two wedding bands.

Kirk Lazarus is always in character in *Tropic Thunder*.

There's a scene in Tropic Thunder where Robert Downey Jr.'s character, Kirk Lazarus, says that he doesn't break character until the DVD commentary. In the commentary for the DVD, RDJ is still in character.

Clark's message to his kids in *Vegas Vacation* is both endearing and truthful.

In Vegas Vacation, there's a scene where Clark tells his children, Audrey and Rusty, that he hardly recognizes them anymore. This is because the kids are played by different actors in each of the Vacation sequels.

There's no shortage of great puns in *Hot Fuzz*.

When Lurch is killed by Nick in Hot Fuzz, he's shown lying lifeless, covered in peas. You could also say that he's resting in peas... get it; rest in peace? It's nothing if not clever.

The name of the Mexican restaurant in *Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy* is incredibly unappetizing.

My Spanish is almost non-existent, so this joke went right over my head. If you translate the phrase "escupimos en su alimento" into English, the sign reads "we spit on their food."