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Wife Rethinks Marriage After Husband Refuses To Do Even Half Of Housework

When a couple lives together, it's inevitable that some issue is going to arise in their relationship that must be overcome for them to happily continue together.

But while this issue could revolve around money, intimacy, or even politics, it's easy to underestimate how commonly the division of labor within the household is the problem.

This is often due to a noticeable inequality in who takes care of what percentage of chores, but even those who signed up to do all of them can still find themselves feeling unappreciated for what they do every day.

But for one woman, this was only part of the reason why years of resentment have recently come to a head and left her at a crossroads in her marriage.

After years of running her own business while also handling the lion's share of the housework, the woman we're about to hear from has had enough.

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As she explained in a Reddit post, this domestic situation comes despite the fact that she earns five times as much as her husband does and works seven days a week to his five.

However, because he works at a movie theater, she noticed that this situation started to change and he took over more of the housework when his workplace closed down due to the pandemic.

However, he went back to the way things were before when his theater reopened.

And despite how unfair the woman finds that arrangement, she spent a period being lenient to him because he often comes home exhausted and full of complaints.

However, she said he brought this goodwill to an end when he asked her when lunch would be ready in the middle of her busy workday that he spent playing video games.

And she said that when she asked him to take care of himself, "He declined, then complained that it was so much easier in his grandfather's time, when the 'homemaker' didn't do anything other than 'her duties'."

This remark led to the most intense argument they've ever had, in which the husband claimed that he was the breadwinner.

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In the woman's words, "I steamrolled his claims by pointing out that I earn much more money than him, I work longer hours and still do all the chores."

After suggesting that he quit his job and be the homemaker that he apparently wants her to be, she gave him a list of chores that amounts to half the housework. He complained while doing them at first and then outright refused, which prompted her to do something that now has her feeling conflicted.

As she said, "Yesterday, I locked up his PS5 in our safe and changed the combination."

But while most commenters on Reddit thought the husband was clearly in the wrong and some argued she was treating him like a child, many others thought this debate missed the real issue here.

Instead, these commenters saw the woman's post as indicative of a deeply unhealthy relationship that she needed to reconsider entirely.

As one user put it, "This is a 'counseling or divorce' situation. He doesn't respect the work you do, either running your company or running your household. You locked his PS5 in the safe and changed the combo. Both of you are in a bad spot and something needs to change or you need to get out."

And ultimately, both the actions fueling her resentment and what the woman now considers an overreaction seems to have her agreeing with them.

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In an update on the matter, she has said that she is going to sit her husband down for a long talk that will involve showing him what she wrote.

Once that takes place, they will discuss how they want to proceed and whether the relationship is worth salvaging with counselling or should end entirely.

In her words, "The people that we are now are so different from the people we were when we got married and we started dating."

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