Woman Uses Powerpoint Presentation To Tell Her Parents She's An Exotic Dancer

No matter how much we love our parents, we can likely remember a time in which we were nervous about revealing something to them.

This type of anxiety can often exist when those who identify as LGBTQ+ come out to their parents, but the secrets in question can range from their academic performance to their brushes with the law. Of course, children can also find that as they get older, their parents were keeping just as many secrets from them all along.

But for some, the secret that they're the least sure how their parents will react to concerns what they do for a living. And while it seems that one woman wasn't exactly gripped by this fear, she nonetheless went to a lot of effort to ensure her parents understood this part of her life.

In a video posted to TikTok by her sister on August 31, a woman sat her parents down to deliver a special Powerpoint presentation that would reveal a secret about her life.

But before she revealed what this was, she wanted to establish that her secret doesn't affect anyone else and that she is neither pregnant nor in danger.

As she put it, "The only reason I'm sharing is because I want the people I love and trust the most to know what's going on in my life."

She also expressed that the secret concerned something that made her feel talented, powerful, and cool.

Following this preamble, she revealed that she is an exotic dancer at a club in Portland, Oregon and that she loves what she does.

And as a means of addressing any concerns she anticipated her parents having, she went on to go over some frequently asked questions.

In this section, she said that she's not involved in any other area of sex work and that the club she works at is a safe environment where she can remain anonymous and isn't exposed to drugs or any exploitative business practices.

As for why she does it, she said that the appeal of exotic dancing for her is that it's a sex-positive way to express herself through performance.

She also admitted that this is how she's been able to "suspiciously afford" things in the past, but also made a point of noting that she does pay taxes on her income.

With those talking points out of the way, she opened the floor to her parents to give them a chance to respond to this revelation.

And while she can't be heard saying it in the video, the woman's sister quoted her mom as saying, "I'm surprised how proud I am."

For his part, the dad had no questions and seemed to appreciate the effort while the mom appreciated how forthright the woman was and was glad to hear that she felt so powerful.

And as we can see in the full video here, she had even guessed that this is what her daughter does in the past. Man, what is it about moms that gives them this sixth sense?

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