Chances Are We've All Been Shampooing Our Hair Wrong This Whole Time

There's nothing worse than realizing you've been doing something wrong for a long period of time. It's like when I learned I had been pouring cooking oil all wrong, or that I had never really properly washed my wooden spoons. It feels like my adult card should be revoked!

However, we're talking about our hair today, which is arguably more important than any of the aforementioned things above.

When it comes to haircare, there are few things I know to be true.

We shouldn't wash our hair daily, we shouldn't brush out our curls (unless we want to look like we've been electrocuted) and you should always shampoo, rinse and repeat.

However, did you know there was another huge blunder many of us have been missing when it comes to shampoo?

When I'm washing my hair, I'll wet it and then apply a dollop of shampoo into my hands before *splatting it* onto my scalp.

Unsplash | Apothecary 87

I worry about the lathering and foaming while it's already in my hair.

However, that's apparently a terrible idea and essentially, my whole life has been a lie.

In a TikTok going viral on the popular video sharing site, user Abbey Yung is showing her followers the major mistake they're making while with sudsing in the shower.

Apparently, we're supposed to emulsify the shampoo before letting it anywhere near our hair. Failing to do this leads to greasy, flat hair!

"If your shampoo looks like this when you apply it to your scalp, try again," Abbey says, showing the shampoo as soon as it comes out of the bottle before running it in her hand just once.

"Instead, emulsify your shampoo for several seconds," she added, showing her hands rubbing the shampoo into a foamy lather.

"This will actually spread and cleanse evenly," she adds.

Looking at the two pictures, I can totally see the difference between the first lather and the second. I will for sure be trying this out the next time I wash my hair — will you?

It turned out that a lot of people have been making this easy mistake before now.

The majority of the comments on Abbey's video consisted of individuals ashamedly expressing the likes of: "I just slap a glob on my head and squish it around"!

One individual also admitted: "I squeeze the bottle straight onto my scalp."

Many people lamented the fact that, even as adults, they clearly do not know how to wash their own hair.

Glen Somarriba echoed a lot of people's thoughts when they simply exclaimed, "At this point I don't [know] how to wash my hair."

However, if you're still struggling with identifying how best to care for your hair, it can be a good idea to simply ask your hairdresser for tips when you next get a haircut. Your hairdresser will know your hair's needs pretty well after working with it!

Abbey has since uploaded more shampoo hacks to her hair-care channel.

In her quest to make sure that people's hair is the best it can be, Abbey followed up her previous video with another hack which will help you keep your hair in the best condition after shampooing.

Putting coconut oil onto your hair before shampooing can help protect your hair.

Apparently, according to Abbey, applying coconut oil to your hair's lengths/ends will keep it safe. This is because coconut oil penetrates "the hair shaft." In turn, your hair will not be "overly stripped by the shampoo."

This means you can protect your hair's protein.

So, if you're still having trouble with dry hair after using shampoo, applying a bit of natural coconut oil beforehand may be just the thing you need!