The Internet Is Reeling After Video Shows Stepmom Blowing Out Stepdaughter's Birthday Candles

There are few things as sacred as blowing out birthday candles. When you're younger, it's so exciting when your parent or grandparent lets you blow out their birthday candles with them. As you grow up, you realize the importance of soaking in the moment with loved ones, wishing that every birthday was as special as that one.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to take that moment from anyone....

No matter how old you are, blowing out birthday candles is a spiritual affair.

It's important to take a moment and reflect on the year you've had while looking forward to the year ahead. There's a reason birthday cakes have CANDLES — it's part of the tradition!

I can't imagine anything *worse* than someone else blowing out your birthday candles...

Unsplash | Aneta Pawlik

And no, I'm not talking about little kids who don't know any better, or who want to be a part of the excitement. I'm talking about someone who deliberatly blows them out because, I don't know, they hate birthdays?

Well, that's exactly what happened in a video that's been blowing up (pun-intended) online.

TikTok user Mandy posted a video of her birthday celebrations which featured the usual — laughter, singing, birthday cake, candles, oh yeah, and her stepmom blowing out her candles!

"just went to my bday dinner and my [explective] stepmom blew out my candles like ????? the reaction i had" Mandy wrote on Twitter.

Mandy goes from smiling and laughing with friends and family to shooting her stepmom a look so cold it made winter come early!

Naturally, the comments were filled with people who were just as angry as Maddy.

"i woulda gotten violent in that establishment personally," tweeted one person.

"her intrusive thoughts won this battle," wrote another.

When someone asked Mandy why her stepmom did this, she replied "literally unprovoked.... she's just rude."

Has this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments below!