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Viral Video Shows Woman Denying Responsibility After Backing Into Man's Car

Another day, another Karen!

So far, we've seen one write a mean letter to a business owner, another threaten to have an employee fired, and one who confronted their neighbor over a "Tigger" flag.

Now, one had the gall to deny backing up into a man's car despite several people witnessing the crash!

It doesn't get more baffling than this.

The viral video was posted on TikTok by Jack Bitar, or @bitarbuilt_fk8.

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It was his 2021 Honda Civic Type R car that got hit by a Karen when they were at a Honda dealership. Both had been parked in a spot designated for the service line when Karen decided to move her car into the shade.

While it's unclear why she decided to reverse the car before driving forward (especially since there were no cars in front of her), that's what she did.

That's when she backed into Bitar's car without looking. Keep in mind that this was the man's brand new car that he only had for a week.

"She backed up as I was screaming and hollering and honking the horn... with nobody in front of her," he wrote on the video.

While the Karen drove out of the video frame, she eventually came back and began inspecting the damage with Bitar. This was when a sales representative from the dealership approached them to see what happened.

According to Bitar, the sales representative said, “Ooof lady, that’s going to be expensive.”

This must've spooked the Karen, as she tried to “get out of the responsibility” for the collision. This was despite the fact that several witnesses around the dealership had seen the incident take place.

People in the comments were baffled by her behavior.

"that's insane I'd be so heated on a new level. that poor Type R she better pay up," one user commented. "Your fault for buying a bright red sports car, they're impossible to see," one joked.

"I'll never understand why people still back up if there IS NO CAR INFRONT OF THEM," another baffled user added.

Some stated that the Karen shouldn't be driving. Surprisingly, one defended her, saying that she might've reversed by accident. I mean, it would make sense.

Others weren't surprised the Karen tried to pass on the blame.

"100% she was going for the 'he rear ended me,'" someone commented with a laughing emoji.

“Always these type of people who wanna hold everybody but themselves responsible,” one person said of the Karen.

A lot of this obviously had to do with the insurance.

"Her insurance: 'that sales rep was right it is gonna be expensive," one wrote.

“She needs to go back to drivers Ed if she’s just randomly backing up without looking behind her,” one comment read.

In a follow-up video, Bitar further explained what happened and showed the damage.

He said that he has to replace the entire bumper due to the cracked grill, crunched panel, and a dislodged seal at the front of his car. He also explained that he didn't have enough time to reverse away from her.

Get this: he also shared how the Karen questioned him about how he knew she caused the accident.

“You felt the impact,” Bitar said, referencing their conversation. “The car that you were in shook, and I was parked. So clearly, an impact had been created. The service representatives saw it.”

Watch the video of the collison for yourself:

For those wondering about the cost of damage, Bitar told The Daily Dot that he still needs to get an appraisal.

“I’ll be going tomorrow to a body shop to get that appraised,” he said. “Still waiting for all that to pan out before the [lady’s] insurance gives me a damage quote.”

According to Honda's website, the car costs $46,200, so we can't imagine it'll be cheap!