20 Moments That Spelt Disaster For Humanity

Ah humanity, we have really managed some incredible things during our time on this rock. However, there have been some of us who have also managed some truly dense things as well!

So, from people who took social media just a little too seriously to individuals who don't understand how food works, here are 20 moments that spelt disaster for humanity!

"Cheeseburger minus the cheese = cheeseburger?"

Wow, what a wonderfully horrific exchange between people. And yes, this poor Grubhub driver did lose their tip thanks to this person's ignorance. The vinegar in that "There goes your tip" line is absolutely unforgivable!

"Oh noooo!"

Worryingly, another person added, "Kiwi is nothing to worry about. Mother******s at hippy pizza places are putting grapes on a pie! Grapes and shrimps!"

Grapes on a pizza is just needlessly niche, what could they possibly add to a pizza's flavor?!

"So part of the automated chicken feeding system broke today..."

I mean, the chickens probably think that the machine has finally been fixed! With all of that extra nutrition this could signal the dawn of a new chicken empire. I for one welcome our chicken overlords...or, should I say, "Cluck cluck, cluck!"

"Just found out I've only been getting half the vitamins I need."

Are the owners of this company deliberately trying to give people too-few vitamins so that they can take over the world when the rest of us are all weak?

"Paint crew on my roof dropped a paint can on my balcony and tried to sweep it up with my personal broom."

Who in their right mind would ever try to sweep up spilt paint? That is beyond insanity! It looks like they were at it for a while as well!

"In a brief lapse in judgement, I asked what's the difference between left and right tampons were."

I can only assume that it was a guy who made this lapse in judgement. However, they did go on to say that they now know the difference thankfully!

"That's not Texas…"

One of the best suggestions for the name for this new state was, "Texlahoma." Although, if you can think of a better one then be sure to let us know in the comments. It's pretty hard to do better than Texlahoma though.

"Some poor kid's croc and sock jammed in the escalator."

I do not know of any people who were not scared of this happening to them as children. I bet that the owner of this Croc will not be getting on an escalator for a long time!

"So, which way exactly I am supposed to drive?"

It looks as though this person has inadvertently wandered into an ancient labyrinth form which there is no escape. Another example of such a labyrinth is Slough in England, timeless and inescapable.

"Why on Earth would a town name roads like this?"

Maybe they are trying to think of ways to confuse self-driving cars in the future? One individual did suggest, "Were the residents of Independence Way declaring their independence from the numbering system?"

"Mildly infuriating that a restaurant would need to put a sign up because of TikToks."

The fact that people would willingly leave their phone on a conveyor belt and then have the audacity to be upset when it goes missing and/or gets damaged is horrifying.

"Our Automated Future..."

Wow, they have really gotten very advanced with their robots, that one looks just like a person! I did not realise that we were living so far into the future already?! Anyone who has a Roomba is clearly living in the past!

"Ah yes, the Stranger Things spinoff!"

I think that the point is, you buy a pair of these and then spend the rest of your life looking for someone wearing the "STRA THI" pair. When you find them, you become soul mates for life.

"Just... Why?"

She is correct in the fact that she is not like other girls though, she is clearly on Satan's payroll which is something that a lot of people do not have the luxury of being!

"If you say so!"

They set out to tell people not to drink and drive or to drive high, and they ended up telling people to exclusively drive while drunk and/or high. They had one job to do and they failed spectacularly.

"Why would they make Brown darker than Dark Brown?"

If you were also thinking that the person who discovered this needs to get a better hobby, they did explain, "It was keeping me entertained during a zoom call." We have all done some tedious things to remain awake during Zoom calls so I'll let them off.

"6 piece and 12 piece wings is sold out. But the 18 piece is still available!"

Oh no, it looks as though you are going to have to just order eighteen pieces of chicken! Maybe this is how the robots are going to take over, destroy our hearts until we are of no threat to them! They've clearly learnt from the vitamin company!

"My neighbors just throw trash out of their window."

If this is how the outside of their house looks, then I dread to think of what the inside looks like. I can imagine that it smells...ripe in there to say the least.

"Why is this a thing...?"

What is the point of having social media if you cannot livestream your own painful demise and maybe get some sweet sponsorship deals while you are at it? Gotta make the most of your own misfortune I guess.

"High school bathrooms are already weird enough."

This is like how a bathroom would be designed in a nightmare. What psychopath looked at that design, stepped back, and thought, "Yep, that is perfectly appropriate for a bathroom!" What a disaster.

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