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'Short-Staffed' Sign At Wendy's Drive-Thru Sparks Immediate Debate

Fast food jobs are plentiful, but they come with long hours, low wages and poor job security.

It's likely some combination of these three factors that led to a Las Vegas Wendy's experiencing a staff shortage that went viral recently on TikTok.

Most fast food restaurants have an extensive menu.

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From ice cream machines to flat-top grills to deep fryers to whatever other random appliances a given restaurant might have, making these orders requires specialized tools and a decent number of employees to operate them.

TikToker @laurenbest5 came across this sign in a Wendy's drive-thru.

TikTok | @laurenbest5

She captioned it, "How u short staffed can't make no burgers #wendys #ghetto #fyp #justjoking #shortstaffed #vegaslocal."

You can check the full video below, but the long and short of it is that this Wendy's can only make a few items due to staff shortages.

We'd post the comments, but...

The video's been viewed tens of thousands of times and had racked up tons of comments.

While there were many opinions, most folks just felt sympathy for overworked employees.

Unfortunately, comments have since been turned off so we can no longer delve into this spicy world of hot takes.

She posted a follow-up video.

TikTok | @laurenbest5

"Y'all are so pressed when I felt bad for them people," says @laurenbest5. "It was like five people in there, first of all. Second of all, I didn't even order food. Third, I was on my lunch break. You guys are just popping it."

There's no word yet from Wendy's.

The situation could develop further, but short of the comments section re-opening or Wendy herself making a proclamation from on high, it seems like this is just another story about a fast food restaurant pushed past its breaking point.

@laurenbest5 has some words for the haters.

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"Chill out. Don't try to come for me, because I don't send for you, you understand?" said @laurenbest5. "It's just a video. Like, chill out. Or go work there. Clearly, they need help, right?"

What are your thoughts?

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If you've worked in food service, you've likely dealt with short staffing. It can be a total nightmare.

We want to hear your horror stories of working in this industry, so be sure to share in the comments below.