Jenna Dewan Admits She Was Worried Her Children Wouldn't Bond Because Of Their Age Gap

Jenna Dewan is opening up in a refreshingly honest post about the fears she had in regards to her children's age gap. In a topic that isn't talked about enough, Jenna got real with fans, admitting that she was afraid her two kids wouldn't bond because of the six years between them.

Thankfully, it seems all her fears were just that — fears, not reality.

Actress, dancer and fitness guru Jena Dewan is living her best life these days.

If you're not following the 40-year-old on Instagram, you're truly missing out on some wholesome mom content that's sweet enough to make even the most cynical social media user press follow.

Now, Jenna is getting real about the fears she had about having her second child six years after her first.

As fans know, Jenna and her ex-husband Channing Tatum share 8-year-old daughter Everly.

Jenna got engaged to finacé Steve Kazee in 2020 and the pair welcomed their first child together, son Callum, that same year.

Now, Jenna is opening up about the fears she had that her children wouldn't be able to bond because of their age gap.

Sharing a photo of 8-year-old Everly holding 17-month-old Callum, Jenna wrote: "All those times i worried about the age gap and if they would bond...worrying is a waste of time and energy. Trust."

The comments were filled with support from other parents of age gap children.

"11 years between my two and their bond couldn’t be stronger," commented one fan.

"My 8 yr old is best friends with my 1.5 yr old. The bond they share is indescribable," commented another.

It's clear age is just a number when it comes to sibling love.