Busy Philipps Embraces Her 'Peach Fuzz' In Glowing Au Naturel Selfie

Busy Philipps is known for being one of the most real and vulnerable celebs in Hollywood. Unlike some celebrities, Busy isn't afraid to talk about difficult and sometimes even stigmatized subject matters — like facial hair!

Now, the 42-year-old is embracing her peach fuzz in a glowing new selfie that makes me want to put my facial razor down.

Women's body hair is one of the most divisive topics on the internet — I'll never know *why* it is, but it is!

Unsplash | Helen Barth

Personally, I don't care what anyone chooses to do, or not do, to their body hair. Shave it, trim it, wax it, laser it, leave it — do whatever makes you happy!

Now, Busy Philipps is here to normalize the cute lil' peach fuzzies we all have on our face!

As someone who has been shaving their face since they were in their teens, it's easy for me to get caught up in the pursuit of smooth skin, but Busy is here to remind us all that peach fuzz is beautiful and normal!

Sharing the sunshine selfie, Busy wrote: "I love my peach fuzz on my face."

The makeup-free selfie showed Busy's glowing skin and honestly, it's such an important message!

While it's something we all have, it seems like celebs never really talk about facial fuzz!

I love Busy's carefree, self-loving attitude!

If every celebrity was like Busy, I think social media would be a much better place!

Are you embracing your peach fuzz these days? Let us know in the comments below!