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Mom's Board Game Organization Hack Sparks Controversy Online

Lifestyle influencer and mom Kristie Gilmore has done the unforgivable: garnered the anger of TikTok.

Her helpful hack for storing board games caused some serious debate on TikTok, where over 2000 people were compelled to comment on her space-saving idea.

What happened? And what's the big deal? Let's find out.

So, I'm going to start by showing you one of the milder reactions to this hack.

When I say people had some OPINIONS on this hack, I am not joking. They either thought it was clever, or hated it so much that it actually offended them.

What's the hack, anyway?

Kristie started off by showing her IKEA cabinets stuffed full of board game boxes. I'm seeing some Monopoly, some Connect 4s, some Scrabble — you know, the classics.

Here's what she did with the games:

She took all of the games out of their boxes and sorted them into mesh bags from Amazon. Each bag contains the boards, pieces, and instructions for the games.

People were BIG mad about it.

Some people were extremely mad that Kristie wasn't being sustainable with her board game organization. The bags already existed, people. She just bought them. She didn't make them.

Some people were all about the nostalgia.

I definitely understand wanting to keep things in their original packaging. There's something very satisfying about that, you know? It's that collector mentality in us all, I swear.

Kristie got clever with some of the commenters.

She leaned into all the negativity and instead decided to embrace her troll tendencies. You gotta love someone who can laugh at how insanely people react to something so small and innocent.

Luckily, Kristie had some defenders.

People who liked Kristie's ingenuity were quick to point out that no one was forcing anyone else to throw their cardboard boxes away — Kristie did what worked for her house.

Others said they've done the same thing!

A lot of people brought up that it's way easier to store puzzles this way. They print out a picture of the top of the box, then store it all in a bag. That's really smart, tbh.

More than a few just wanted more details.

Some questioned if the hack was really possible, since wouldn't game boards be too big for the mesh bags?

But Kristie made a follow-up video to prove it worked.

I think it's more a case where the scale of something is hard to gauge in an online video.

When you think "zipper bag," you think sandwich-sized or maybe a freezer bag.

These mesh bags seem to be much larger than what we might picture.

Plus, many game boards are too large for their original box in the first place and manufactured to be folded down smaller for storage.

Though that doesn't even appear to be required for these bags.

According to Kristie, she bought the 11x16 size, so they fit even the stiff plastic boards for games like Guess Who? and Scrabble. That's pretty amazing, actually.

Seriously, even though I don't need them for games, I could definitely put those bags to use elsewhere.


You can order the bags on Amazon here, though the exact size she used is sold out at the time of this writing.

At the end of the day, Kristie had fun with it.

She has over 395k followers on her TikTok, so she almost certainly is part of TikTok's creator fund. With over 2 million views on her hack, it's safe to say Kristie is laughing all the way to the bank over this one.