Woman's $6 Bacon Sandwich Sparks Debate About Airplane Food

There's nothing worse than knowing you're paying way too much for a meal you could have easily made at home — that's exactly why my mom always insisted we brought our own lunches to theme parks, the beach, movie theaters, etc.

However, as an adult, sometimes you forget to pack a lunch for a trip and you have to just suck it up and pay the $6 for an airplane sandwich.

Recently, a woman on a Ryanair flight bought a $6 bacon sandwich only to be slightly horrified by what she saw.

Unsplash | Ross Parmly

While I understand airlines are famous for ripping people off with their jacked-up prices, I don't understand why the quality has to suffer too!

Last week, Irish author Liz Nugent tweeted a photo of a sandwich her friend purchased during their flight with Ryanair.

Liz's friend, the Irish racing driver Aimee Woods, ordered a bacon sandwich only to receive what appeared to be a sandwich roll with two small pieces of meat inside.

There didn't seem to be a sauce in SIGHT!

"My pal @AimeeWoods21 paid €5.50 for this ‘bacon sandwich’ @Ryanair today. I’m trying to figure out if it qualifies," Liz tweeted, alongside a picture of the sandwich.

The meal, which cost roughly $6.40 American, quickly caught the attention of many Twitter users.

"Ryanair don't make sandwiches but they do pay catering companies to do so. Might be worth looking into who is catering because that is disgusting & substandard," tweeted one follower.

The lacklustre sandwich quickly sparked debate about expectations on a budget airline flight.

"Disgusting!!!" tweeted another user. "However Ryanair is nothing more than basic, budget airline which will always offer basic, budget products so I can’t say that I’m surprised. My concern is that they may even use budget aircraft tires."

Some people felt the pair had no right to complain considering how cheap Ryanair tickets are!

"Did your pal actually give direct feedback to the catering company instead of having a go at an airline business that gets us off this gawd forsaken island at affordable prices?" tweeted one angry user. "Jeez thank goodness they survived through the last 18 months. People very quick to complain and whine."

"I'm sure they'd give you another one if you asked. These are made on assembly lines. Mistakes can happen. Its hardly the end of the world," said another.

Aimee admitted she ate the sandwich and didn't complain to the cabin crew because she was totally starving.

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments below!