H&M's New Dress Line Is Sparking All Kinds Of Conversation

Um, I know no one is overly okay right now, but I still have to ask: Is H&M okay?

A Twitter user recently spotted a new collection from the brand that has people wondering what H&M might be going through — or what they think we're going through.

As it happens, the answer is even weirder than I expected it to be. Let's check it out.

There's no denying the fashion industry has been making *a lot* of questionable choices lately.

I don't want to have to bring up the Balenciaga heeled Crocs but yes, I am bringing up the Balenciaga heeled Crocs.

To be fair, how could I not?

However, we expect this kind of nonsense from high-end luxury brands.

I swear they are just trolling rich people and seeing what ridiculous thing they can get them to shell out thousands of dollars for.

Like when people spent $300 on this Jacquemus handbag that is big enough to hold one Tic Tac.

Just kidding everyone.

It can hold at least three Tic Tacs, okay?!

Now, it's clear H&M is trying to get in on the ridiculous fashion fun with their latest dress collection.

If you think you're ready for Halloween, you're nowhere near as ready as this new line from the fast-fashion brand.

It's spooky AF!

As you can see, H&M is out here living its best haunted Victorian fantasy.

In the words of a deeply outdated meme: What are THOSE?!

Those dresses look like something a ghost would wear in a low-budget horror movie. I'm not feeling it, guys.

Of COURSE Twitter brought the jokes.

Twitter has never met something it didn't want to dunk on. This men's look is the perfect accompaniment to your Victorian-era cosplay. Honestly, I'd rather wear this than the dresses.

What is going ON with fashion right now?!

I know the world is deeply weird right now, but can we not have that weirdness extend to fashion? Bring back the crop tops and the early 2000s inspired fashion, I'll take that over whatever this is.

So, what was H&M thinking, anyway?

Apparently, the line of gothic-ish dresses was a special line made with recycled polyester. According to the comments, they were crazy uncomfortable.

As it turns out, they kind of look super chic — just check out this Twitter user!

"Got one of the $20 H&M goth princess dresses," @Ash_Walugi wrote. Honestly, it looks a lot better on than I would have thought!

It's clear some people were just born to rock this Victorian-era gown.

I personally could never, so I admire how chic this dress looks on these lovely customers!

However, I hope everyone has the proper accessories to complete the vintage look.

Are you interested in buying these ghoulish gowns for spooky season? Let us know in the comments below!

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