People Are Sharing Their Go-To Movies When They Need Surefire Laughs

It's impossible to not have the odd bad day or rough go at things in life. What's important is learning how not to dwell on that stuff and identify the things that help pick you up out of that slump.

To help with that is this list of movies that are sure to get you some laughs, curated from a Reddit post that asked people for good movies to watch for some laughs after a tough week at work.

One or the other.

"Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead."'

A good way to start a debate among your friends is to ask which of these two movies they thought was funnier. Chaos will ensue, I promise.

Worth some credit.

"Super Troopers. The first one."

Though many other comments ragged on the second movie, one person came to its defense: "When you consider the fact that it was made on a shoestring budget during a time when most movies couldn’t be made for less than 30 mil they did a great job on the second one."

In the workplace.

"Office Space."

"Office Space saved my sanity one time when I was at a job I hated," said one comment.

Another replied, "I had a job that was just [too] close to it and I couldn't watch it while I worked there. Once I left and didn't commute, it was funny again."

There's more to it.

"Galaxy Quest."

One very excited user revealed this fact, "I read an article written about the movie and Sigourney Weaver says that there’s an R-rated cut of Galaxy Quest floating around Hollywood. RELEASE THE GALAXY QUEST R-RATED CUT!!" After this comment were many more calls for that cut to be released. It's what the people want!

Don't knock it...

"The Emperor’s New Groove."

I fear people may write this one off as just a kids' movie, but gosh darn it if it isn't one of the funniest kids' movies I've ever seen. It still holds up incredibly well.

A better understanding.


"Holy [expletive] I just watched Airplane! for the first time since I was a kid and was it good," read one reply. "Now that I'm an adult I got every joke and picked up on some even deeper jokes in the film that really take it to another level."

The legend continues.

"When I need a laugh I go for What We Do In The Shadows."

One of my personal favorites from director Taika Waititi. There was recently a TV series made and I've heard it's equally as fantastic!

Holiday permitting.

"For Christmas time in particular, Jingle All The Way. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I feel like that's enough explanation as to why you should give it a try."

Not top of mind, but it should be.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall should genuinely go down as one of the better comedies of the last 15 years. Just generally feel-good and fun."

As one user pointed out, "Ironically the one movie people seem forget the most. This one and Walk Hard seemed to fall off of everyone's radar but they are hands down 2 of the best."


"The Princess Bride never gets old."

That's just a fact. Love it or hate it, that movie is a forever classic with some absolutely stellar jokes. I'd watch that movie endlessly if I could.

What could have been.

"Lucky Number Slevin was like bottled lightning! So surprisingly good. Every part of the movie is funny, exciting, weird, and enjoyable!"

Another comment left a tip saying the deleted scenes make the movie even funnier, so if you're looking for more, it's out there.

It's showtime!

"May not be the funniest movie, but I thoroughly enjoy Beetlejuice and think it’s a solid pick."

It's goofy! It's a very goofy movie with fantastic visual direction and it's got a ton of great jokes, it's always a good watch.

Ol' reliable.

"Hot Rod is my go-to comedy."

"When Danny McBride and the crew are dancing in the parking lot, and he randomly bullies the poor little guy by slamming him into the van for no reason... it is quite high on my list of top comedy gold moments. That and the inspirational march turned riot," described another lover of the film.

Worth the wait.

"Tucker and Dale vs. Evil."

For one user, it wasn't the first time they saw people raving about this movie on Reddit. "After years of reading about it on here, I finally watched it about a month ago. I like how it's not set up to be funny, but just has ridiculous [expletive] happen. It was great!"

See it with friends instead.

"Super Bad."

"Is really funny except when you are watching with your parents. I learned the hard way," said one commenter, causing every person to shudder at the mere thought of how awkward that would be.

The most classic.

"Monty Python And The Holy Grail."

Which of course brought to light one of the most iconic insults of all time, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

Shock and awe.

"21 Jump Street."

The consensus with this one is that people were surprised at how funny it was, and the same goes for 22 Jump Street. A pleasant surprise is never a bad thing!

So nice, they saw it twice!

"A Fish Called Wanda."

"That's the only movie I ever saw twice back to back in the theater," relished one user. "My college friends and I went and the entire place (including us) was laughing so hard we missed half the jokes. Left the theater, had dinner, went and saw it again."

A master of comedy.

"Robin Hood Men in Tights."

First The Princess Bride, now this, Cary Elwes just doesn't miss. Both movies feature so many iconic lines you could go hours just shouting them off.

Another master of comedy.

"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. It's a really really funny movie I haven't seen mentioned yet."

I put off watching this one for a long time and I really regret it, so many of the songs are incredibly funny. Andy Samberg does it again.