Woman Asks If She's Wrong After Insulting Boyfriend's Weight In Front Of Friends

As someone who's always been pretty large, I can confirm that a person's size can unfortunately make them a pretty popular target for bullying while they're growing up.

But while I'm lucky enough to have largely avoided any social ramifications for my size after I came of age, it's also true that this hasn't lined up with everyone's experiences. Even putting aside the fact that there's a whole industry dedicated to making us feel inadequate because of our weights, some adults have found that their peers and even entire businesses have treated them differently once they gained weight.

With all of this in mind, it's hard to imagine that someone who makes a crack about their romantic partner's weight could possibly think they're in the right when they tell their story about it. But a surprising number of people who might've agreed surprised even themselves once they got the full picture.

Because it's relevant to the story, the woman we're about to hear from stated that she's 5'6'' and 120 pounds, while her boyfriend is 6'0'' and 229 pounds.

As she explained in a Reddit post, this was also pretty much the case when they met and his weight doesn't bother her any more in the present day than it did then.

And although she said that she's supportive and provides advice when he indicates a desire to lose weight, she has no issue with accepting him as he is when he decides against doing so.

However, he apparently doesn't make the same allowances for her.

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Despite the fact that she's studied fitness and nutrition and long been passionate about them, he feels the need to give her unsolicited dieting advice and apparently believes she'll "put on too much muscle" and thereby gain weight if she continues strength training.

As she said in a separate comment, "I also know for a fact that he would leave me if I ever gained weight."

And this perception seemed to be confirmed for her when the couple visited a beer garden with some of the boyfriend's friends.

While the group was discussing online dating, the boyfriend said that he used it before dating the woman but deleted it because there were "too many desperate fat chicks."

As the woman wrote (emphasis hers), "He said this in such a disgusted, dismissive way, that I genuinely saw red for a second and just blurted out, 'Seriously? You're going to criticise fat chicks?'"

This prompted a long, awkward pause and the woman's boyfriend didn't speak to her for the rest of the evening.

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The next day, he texted her saying that it was rude and disrespectful to make that comment about his weight, particularly in front of his friends. He also said that he needed a few days away from her before he can decide whether to forgive her.

And while she does agree that her comment was rude, she said it came out of her because of how shocked she was by his own "obnoxious and borderline sexist" remarks.

Although she has since apologized to him, she remains unsure if she was truly the one at fault.

And while some agreed that her own part in this situation was uncalled for, the overwhelming majority of commenters thought his behavior was by far the bigger issue.

As one user who was fully prepared to side against her before they finished reading the story said, "Maybe you could have phrased it differently, but I’m not surprised you were gobsmacked at the audacity and the double standard.

"He’s allowed to prefer a type but as you say, the disgust with which he expressed it would have upset me too."

Another agreed, saying, "Guys do this all the time. Like it's OK if they are obese but they expect women not to be even a little overweight."

Furthermore, others were confused as to why she was still with him. As one user put it, "You’ve studied nutrition and health but he thinks he knows better than you. He’s allowed to criticize your food and health choices but it’s hurtful if you bring out his."

And it seems the woman has since taken similar messages to heart as she updated her initial post to say that they've now broken up.

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