Sharon Stone Is Practically Ageless In New Makeup-Free Selfie

There are few things I love to see more than women absolutely crushing it. Whether it's a mom win (like getting my kids to eat all their veggies at dinner) or a career win (like when my girlfriend just got her real estate license) I love to see my fellow ladies THRIVING! So when I saw this gorgeous makeup-free pic of actress and queen Sharon Stone, I knew I had to share it with you all!

Let me just start off by saying Sharon Stone is one of my all-time favorite actresses.

From her string cult classic films like Total Recall and Basic Instinct, Sharon has gone on to star in a variety of TV shows. Most recently, her work in the Netflix drama Ratched was enough to get even my husband spooked!

While her work ethic shows no signs of stopping, neither does her Instagram page!

While I mostly post pictures of my kids and my cats, Sharon posts gorgeous photos of herself that make us all scratch our heads and wonder how the hell she's already 63-years-old.

Now, Sharon is turning heads with her most recent Instagram selfie!

Smiling wide in the makeup-free snap, the actress wrote: "My day was a rollercoaster through heaven and hell. I’ve decided to be happy about what I’ve learned & whom I’ve connected with."

Needless to say, Sharon has still got it!

To be fair, she never, and will never, lose it! I love her confidence, especially when it comes to going au natural!

Way to go, Sharon!