The Internet Is Celebrating Robin Williams By Telling Wholesome Stories About Him

Jordan Claes

This August 11th marks the eight year anniversary of Robin Williams' tragic suicide. No matter how much time passes, the realization of his absence from this world hits just as hard as ever.

Now, in order to commemorate the man who meant so much to so many of us, the internet is telling wholesome stories that sum up just how wonderful a person Robin Williams truly was.

Imagine being introduced to Robin Williams by your grandmother?!


While Reddit user apickleforanickel and was waiting for a flight to the Bahamas, their grandmother caught the eye of Robin Williams. The legendary comedian came over to speak with the elderly woman and allowed her to introduce him to the entire family.

This lucky fan spotted Robin while attending the Sundance Film Festival.


"I smiled so big that he started laughing, and he said, 'Well, hey there! Nice to see you!' and I just said 'Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.' After that, whenever I turned around, he would say, 'Peekaboo!' or something random, and gave me a heart-melting smile" - BuzzFeed Community member natashafiga

Robin was a real life *Patch Adams*.

When BuzzFeed Community member elongb2015 was just a baby, they contracted a bad case of pneumonia and nearly died. While they were in the hospital, Robin Williams made a surprise visit to bring toys to all the children.

No matter his schedule, Robin always made time for the troops.


Reddit user Dying2Learn said that when they were stationed in Afghanistan, Robin performed for over two hours and then spent another hour signing autographs and chatting with the soldiers.

Robin made time for everyone.

"My dad had the opportunity to work stage security for a couple of Academy Awards shows some time back. By far the celebrity encounter that stuck out to him most was Robin Williams — Robin took the time to stand around and talk to my dad for about half an hour that night." - Reddit u/deleted

While on a ski vacation, Robin began quoting lines from *Mrs. Doubtfire* to a young fan.

Giphy | 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The way that BuzzFeed Community member bm22 tells the story, they were lacing up their ski boots when all of a sudden Robin Williams sat down beside them. Once Robin realized the boy knew him from Mrs. Doubtfire, he absolutely went off.

One time while at a diner, Robin overheard a family talking about their recently deceased grandmother.

"After just a few minutes, he had them laughing and celebrating her life, and when he left, he paid for their donuts and coffee," said BuzzFeed Community member majorh.

He wasn't above making faces at babies.

Years ago, a stranger was standing in line and couldn't figure out why their baby wouldn't stop laughing. After turning around to figure out what all the fuss was about, they saw Robin leaning over making funny faces.

Robin's kindness and warmth was legendary.


"I was an extra and worked with Robin on License to Wed, and I can confirm that he was a truly beautiful, kind, warm, and loving spirit. Truly, he was so, so wonderful." - Facebook/Bethany Glover

Robin was always on, even if the cameras weren't rolling.

This Redditor had the good fortune of meeting Robin while he was filming the pool scene for Mrs. Doubtfire. After Robin was spotted by the boy and his young friend, he began barking like a seal and waved them over to say hello.

Everyone mattered to Robin Williams.

"I worked with Robin Williams for three days on his last show, and he was wonderful. He walked through where all of the extras were seated in holding, and sat and joked with us." - Facebook/Amy Fell

His giving nature was legendary.

Reddit user tah4349 was at an event that Robin Williams was attending as a guest. Completely out of the blue, Robin agreed to get up and perform a half-hour stand-up routine for absolutely nothing in return.

Robin once entertained to a room of 400 extras during filming for *Dead Poet's Society*.


"It was such a sweet thing to do," writes BuzzFeed Community member Zooter. "I'm sure he was tired and wanted to be with his family, but it was unforgettable for all of us."

Robin Williams was a huge comic book nerd.

Reddit user NuclearThane accidentally bumped into Robin Williams while at a comic book store.

Robin proceeded to sign everyone's comics, receipts, as well as any spare scraps of paper that they could find.

Did you know that Robin Williams once sold PC video games?


"When he was filming something in Toronto, he 'worked' in our store around Christmastime selling PC video games because he was bored and looking for something to do." - Reddit u/CaptainofFTST