Fans Are Loving Britney Spears' New Topless Video Trend

Britney Spears' Instagram has been the subject of much speculation over the past few years. From people thinking her Instagram account was being run by a man, to wondering where her "missing" tattoos have gone, there's never a dull moment with Brit Brit.

Now, fans are wondering if Britney's Instagram is finally in her control after she's posted a series of topless videos.

Britney has been posting up a storm on her Instagram lately, and I for one, cannot get enough!

The 39-year-old often posts videos of her dancing in her living room, trying on outfits, or doing funny skits with her long-time boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Lately, however, she has thrown a new type of video into the usual lineup.

A few weeks back, Britney nearly broke the internet by posting a series of topless pics and videos.

This type of content was nothing like what she was posting prior to her recent conservatorship developments, which had fans wondering if she was finally in total control of her social media.

After a brief break, Britney is back posting the type of content that is clearly making her happy.

"Made you look," she captioned the video. The comments were quickly filled with happy fans speculating what was going on.

"Damn, she looks normal!" commented one user.

"Are you freee?????" commented another.

"Live your life Britney on your terms and post whatever you want whenever you want!" echoed another user. "It’s your time to finally be able to be your authentic self."

We just want to see Britney happy, and if doing these videos are making her happy, then we love to see it!