DoorDash Delivery Driver Leaves Note For Customer Who Didn't Tip

There are few topics that can start rousing conversations the way a discussion about tipping can. I am someone that could have the worst service at a restaurant and I'll still tip 18% because I know what it's like to work in the food service industry — it's hard.

However, the discussion about tipping delivery drivers is becoming more and more relevant as people are ordering takeout now more than ever.

If you don't think your delivery drivers deserve a large tip for getting your meal to you, I encourage you to reconsider.

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Sure, they're not waiting on your hand and foot like at a restaurant, but they're still serving you.

They're going out to grab your food and bring it to you. All you have to do is open the door and grab it.

More and more, we're hearing stories from food delivery drivers about how much they rely on tips as part of their wage.

Now, a DoorDash driver is getting real with a customer who didn't tip him, insisting that if you can't afford to tip, you should go pickup the food yourself.

A TikTok user, who goes by the username frenchfrythug has gone viral after leaving a note at a non-tipping customer's door.

According to Insider the DoorDash employee said that when he dropped off the customer's order, he left a note that read: "If you can't afford to tip then you should go pick it up yourself. Who do you think you are to order food and have someone come and bring it to your door for FREE? FOR FREE?"

The note continued: "I just drove my personal car to your house to deliver your food for fun? Naw not today."

He then concluded the letter by leaving his Venmo information at the bottom if the customer was looking to "right their wrongs."

The video, which has since been privatized, sparked a debate online about how much people should tip their delivery drivers.

While chatting with Insider, the DoorDash driver explained he's worked for the company since December.

He said that the customer addressed in his video was a "habitual no tipper" and that he posted the video to "make a statement."

A spokesperson from DoorDash also exchanged words with Insider.

"This behavior is clearly inappropriate and has no place on the DoorDash platform," the spokesperson's statement read.

"We are looking into this incident and will take appropriate action."

What do you make of the situation? How much do you tip your delivery drivers? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: Insider