DIYers Are Painting Calming Beach Scenes On Old Dressers

Bringing the beach into your home doesn't have to stop with your wall art.

People have been painting furniture — and fridges — in their homes since the dawn of time. Lately, however, people have taken to creating honest-to-goodness art pieces in their furniture. Let's check it out!

Imagine having a whole seascape on your dresser.

This dresser is the most detailed beach painting of the lot! I love that they went for a pastel sky to really offset the deep blue of the ocean.

This is a great project to do on an upcycled piece.

If you have a piece of furniture that's seen better days, why not try this technique out on it? You won't be wasting your money on new furniture, and you'll have a totally unique piece when you're done!

So, what do you think?

Would you paint up an old dresser to remind you of the beach? I've actually done this exact trend with charcuterie boards and resin, and it's super fun!

Naturally, people have their own interpretations of a "beach" dresser.

This one is more abstract, but no less recognizable as a beach! The texture they gave the dresser is an interesting touch, and really adds froth to the waves.