Bride Asks If She's Wrong For Trying To Make Her Sister Wear A Wig To Wedding

What is it about weddings that seems to always make them lightning rods for family drama?

While they're undoubtedly stressful affairs to plan, we seldom see these stories of wedding strife center around a family member with any direct involvement in this stress.

But whether it's a case of the couple forcing a relative to make an unenviable decision or a relative trying to make an already stressful time worse, it's not uncommon for the buzz around a wedding to descend into a flurry of angry phone calls and social media posts.

And as we can see in today's story, that chaotic exchange isn't always done over a petty matter.

In the lead-up to her wedding, one bride-to-be found herself conflicted after her engagement party.

As she explained in a now-removed Reddit post, this concerned how she chose to invite her sister, who has alopecia.

Although the extent of this condition can vary, it left her sister without any hair on her body at all.

When she was a child, her mother would give her realistic looking wigs and create the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes with makeup.

After she finished high school and joined the military, however, the sister (not pictured) decided she would stick to her natural look.

Although she's been in her unspecified branch of the military for over eight years, the bride seemed confused about this because "the military has really high standards for hygiene and hair and looks."

Putting aside how a lack of hair is supposed to be relevant to her hygiene, the Army and other military branches are known to make exceptions in any hair length standards for alopecia and other relevant medical conditions.

But while this is how the sister prefers to live her life, it seems that both the bride and her fiancé won't invite her to the wedding if she doesn't wear a wig and makeup.

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This ultimatum was first made in the lead up to their engagement party and as the bride said, "She didn't respond to my email invite at all."

And when it comes to any future event including the wedding, the bride's ironic statement on the matter is, "She's going to miss out on these events if she doesn't try to make herself look more natural."

Although her family largely seemed to agree with the couple's decision, the fiancé's brother said that was a horrible demand to make.

And Reddit not only overwhelmingly agreed with the brother, but also found it unsurprising that the bride and her sister have never really got along.

One user made it clear that they would be embarrassed to have the bride as a sibling, saying, "Do you really not see the irony here? You're asking her to change the way she naturally looks to look 'natural.'"

Others pointed out that the bride clearly had no interest in seeing this situation from her sister's perspective. As one person put it, "How horrible to be told that her natural self isn't fit to be seen in public. That she must adopt uncomfortable prosthetics/cosmetics to appear "normal" enough to be seen by others."

Finally, others saw a pretty big reason as to why the military could have appealed to the sister in the first place.

In one user's words, "No wonder she joined the military, with a family like you I'd want to get away and stay away."

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