Brendan Fraser Tears Up After Hearing Of Fans' Support Over His New Role

Throughout the '90s and into the early '00s, Brendan Fraser was a cultural icon. He made us laugh in Encino Man, stole our hearts in Blast From the Past, and cemented his status as one of the decade's most prolific movie stars in The Mummy.

Now, after more than a decade away from the limelight, Brendan is back and making his much-anticipated return to film. He recently sat down to speak with a lucky fan and upon hearing just how much he was supported — Brendan began to tear up.

It all started when TikToker @littlelottiecosplay (Lindley IRL) made an impromptu last-minute purchase at GalaxyCon.

Lindley's impromptu purchase was a meet-n-greet with none other than Brendan Fraser! As the video begins, she nervously sips her coffee and then begins a cosplay transformation into Evelyn 'Evie' O'Connell from The Mummy.

You can tell that the young fan is nervous, but Lindley makes sure to point out how she has absolutely no regrets about her decision to meet the movie star of her dreams.

After Brendan appears on the screen, he slowly drags a red rose into the frame; a gift for Lindley and a sign of his appreciation.

It took hardly any time at all (two minutes to be precise) for Lindley to determine that Brendan Fraser was "the purest of souls." After a brief introduction, she began speaking to Brendan about his forthcoming movie role.

"I'm going to work with Scorsese and Leo and Bob DeNiro," Brendan exclaims with apprehension in his voice — almost as if he himself still can't believe the news.

The movie Brendan is referring to is Martin Scorsese's much anticipated *Killers Of The Flower Moon*.

The movie is based on a novel of the same name, written by author David Grann. It tells the grisly story of the Osage Tribe murders; the case which subsequently gave birth to the F.B.I. In the film, Brendan has been cast to play lawyer W.S. Hamilton.

Killers of the Flower Moon is being billed as one of Apple TV+'s biggest (and most expensive) ventures, and is already receiving Oscar buzz.

Lindley can't stop smiling as she tells Brendan how truly excited she is for him.

"Thank you, I might be sick," Brendan replies only half-jokingly. "A little anxious." It's at this moment in the video that Brendan pretends to bite his nails — almost as if he's forgotten that he himself was once the biggest movie star on the planet.

Sensing his nervousness, Lindley begins to reassure Brendan that he has nothing to worry about and that there are millions of people all around the world cheering him on.

"You've got this. You've got this," Lindley repeats over and over.

"Just know that the internet is so behind you," she says earnestly. "We're so supportive. There are so many people out there who love you, and we're rooting for you. And we can't wait to see what you do next."

While Brendan sits listening, he becomes visibly overcome by the kindness of Lindley's words. His eyes begin tearing up, and it appears as if he truly doesn't know what to say.

To keep from crying, Brendan picks up the glass in front of him and takes a long sip of water.

Once Brendan regains his composure, he smiles his quintessential Brendan Fraser smile, touches his hand to the brim of his cowboy hat, and exclaims "Well, shucks ma'am," like a good ol' southern boy.

Since Lindley posted her interaction with Brendan, the video has gone on to receive over 1.3 million plays on TikTok and has been spreading like wildfire across all other social media platforms.

"Thank you @galaxyconlive for making this dream come true," Lindley wrote via Instagram.

Lindley goes on to explain how The Mummy had a profound effect on her and that meeting Brendan Fraser is a memory that she will keep and cherish forever. She said that Brendan is "Just the sweetest man, and pardon my awkwardness, but I wanted to let him know how much the internet loves him, in case he was not already aware."

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