Chris Meloni Knows He's Our Celebrity Crush: 'How Much Am I Allowed To Enjoy This'

Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you why Chris Meloni is the best. You clicked on this article, didn't you? You know exactly what you're here for, and I admire that.

There are few things not to absolutely love and adore about Mr. Meloni. His charisma, talent, and star power have made him a fan favorite on shows like Law & Order: SVU, Oz and Happy!

Now, it's time to talk about another important part of Chris' power — his beauty.

Chris Meloni is having a renaissance in 2021.

And yes, I am comparing the infamous period in European history that marked the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity over the 15th and 16th centuries, to actor Chris Meloni.

Many may say it's a bold move, but I say it's not bold enough.

Chris has been having a career resurgence with his acclaimed "Law & Order: SVU" spinoff, "Law & Order: Organized Crime.*

Plus, who can forget when his backside went viral earlier this year.

He nearly caused the internet, and my HEART, to stop!

Now, the 60-year-old is speaking out about all the attention he's been getting recently, and spoiler alert — he's loving it!

While chatting with Men's Health magazine, Chris explained he didn't understand the nickname "zaddy" — a title he's gained online.

"I just thought it was a cutie thing,” he said to the interviewer before asking. "Daddy plus? Daddy platinum?"

Once he realized it was a title reserved for handsome older gentleman, he joked about liking the attention a little too much.

"How much am I allowed to taste of this fruit? How much am I allowed to enjoy this?" he asked.

The cover story also features a video on the workout routine the actor uses to achieve his now-iconic backside.

"I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap," Chris laughed. "I’m clever with my ass cheeks!"

Naturally, the internet has completely lost its mind over the remark.

I love how much fun he has with all of his thirsty fans. We will always love you, Chris!