20 Small Problems That Are Actually A Big Deal

No one likes it when other people downplay or diminish their problems.

I mean, I get it: most problems are minor complaints that aren't going to make much of an impact in the long run. That said, some of these minor problems are super aggravating.

I hope you're ready to get aggravated, because we're about to jump into the world of subtle problems.

"'Aesthetic' urinal covers in public restroom must be touched with your hands in order to open."

Reddit | WormHoleHeart

You could walk in here and think it's the coolest looking washroom of all time. That may be true, but it also has the potential to be the grossest washroom of all time.

"Walgreens replaced their freezer window panels with screens that constantly flash/move and don't even accurately represent what's inside the fridge."

When we think of futuristic technology, we typically picture flying cars or dystopian stuff. There's also this category: tech that's newfangled but just doesn't work that well.

"Did you want salt or pepper? Wrong!"

Reddit | Mr_Marram

When it comes to design, I think things should be intuitive. A white shaker for salt and a black shaker for pepper just makes sense. In this case though, the manufacturer chose to embrace chaos.

"My partner and I just bought a Lego storage box from the Lego company and it has a crevasse where small Legos get stuck."

Reddit | savvy0010

To be fair, this might be a feature, not a bug. Maybe Lego wanted to manufacture a container that's really, really good at keeping bricks inside.

"Restaurant puts cocktails and beers right under the kids menu."

Reddit | Leviathan946

Sure, it can be tricky to fit everything into the allotted space on a menu without running over into more pages than you want. But layouts are not so difficult that you can't separate the kid's section and the adult beverages, are they?

"I mean, you think I’m blind?"

Reddit | igarren

When I see something like this, my favorite part is envisioning the person who was applying the label. They looked at this seedy, seedy cantaloupe, shrugged, and slapped a 'seedless' sticker on it anyway.

"Belly fat measurements indicating that 1 to 10 inch waist circumference is normal."

I'm no medical expert, but even I know that a ten-inch waistline, never mind a one-inch waistline, is anything but normal, and is likely an indicator of some more serious issues. It would have been so easy to just start that scale at a much more realistic 20 inches.

"A 10 minute walk in 91 degrees only to see someone locked up two of the nets. What's the point of this?"

Reddit | Ravioli_Best

I don't understand why anyone would do this, but a pair of scissors and a stepladder (or a very tall person) would be able to remedy this situation.

"Lex? Sex? Derp? Lox? Nope, it's supposed to say Jax for Jacksonville, Florida for $18 million dollars."

Reddit | baltinerdist

Maybe this monstrosity was designed in such a way that the viewer will see in it whatever they want to see. Or maybe it's just a massive failure.

"I feel tricked, possibly even bamboozled."

Reddit | SEND_ME_RULE-34

This seems like a total rip-off. Still, it's not like M&M's guaranteed that there'd be a reasonable amount of candy on each individual ice cream sandwich. Sometimes your favorite treats just bamboozle you.

"A light to tell you that the AC is off in the car, light goes off when AC is on."

Reddit | windsa1984

Sometimes, LED lights are more trouble than they're worth. They should at least be intuitive with when they turn on and off.

"Frankenstein was actually the name of the author."

Reddit | tits_or_destiny

My favorite classic literature is Mary Shelley by Frankenstein. Or maybe it's Frankenstein by, uh, Frankenstein. I don't know. I know these works are in the public domain and all, but publishers still need to do a better job of labelling them.

"Bought an automatic soap dispenser. It could not resist water and the batteries rusted."

Reddit | Eq3P

It might be easier just to use a bar of soap or a battery-free dispenser if this is the current state of automatic soap dispensers.

"I mean seriously why."

We've all seen these infuriating multiple choice answers where correct answers aren't rewarded properly. Here, the wording is exactly the same, except whoever designed this test has no idea what the difference is between your and you're.

"Or... y'know... the HER in HERo..."

Reddit | Dyltendo64

They were really overthinking the wording on this sign when the best option was staring them right in the face. C'mon, guys. "Shero" is a dumb made-up word. It isn't like women can't be heroes.

"My research supervisor's way of writing 'D' on tubes."

Reddit | BraedonElDio

This research supervisor must be some kind of troll not to realize how much this D looks like an A. At least underline it so we know which way it's supposed to be viewed.

"The cover of this map I bought at a gas station."

Reddit | puvdunx

It's important that maps be precise, so you can have confidence that they accurately represent the roads you're driving on. Then again, I guess Alabama and Georgia are close enough.

"The alignment of the ceiling lights."

Reddit | mrmoustachepanda

Sometimes it's okay to wing it. Sometimes, though, winging it results in problems that everyone's going to notice for years to come.

In this case, a little bit of measuring truly would have gone a long way.

"This fire exit is blocked by the sink, which is cool."

This is a major problem when it comes to the fire code. But if there's a silver lining, it's that you could probably struggle your way out of here in the event of a fire.

"$10 Haircuts, Home of the $7.00 Haircut."

Reddit | Huqs

The signage here is a little unclear. Also, I'm pretty sure this place used to be an ice cream shop or something. In any event, the whole thing comes off as pretty suspicious.

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