Lea Michele Celebrates Her C-Section Scar: 'The Greatest Reminder In The Whole World’

Giving birth is a life-altering event. While it's truly the miracle of life, it can also be extremely painful and complicated for many women — no matter how they give birth. Vaginal births vs. cesarean sections have been long debated in many medical and social circles, but I'm here to remind you all that all types of birth are as exhausting as they are magical.

Lea Michele is known best for her role as Rachel Berry on the hit TV show, *Glee.*

In the years following the success of the show, Lea has focused on her solo career, and her personal life.

The 34-year-old tied the knot with Zandy Reich back in 2019 and the pair welcomed their first child in August 2020.

Lea's son, Ever Leo Reich, was born via c-section — something Lea has been open about since her son's birth.

Now, the actress is opening up about how much she loves and embraces her c-section scares, and how important they are in her journey to motherhood.

Posting a bikini selfie this past weekend, Lea wrote: "C-section scar is so low you can't even see it."

"Although I don't mind at all because it's the greatest reminder in the whole world! I can't believe it's August and my baby is going to be 1 soon!!!"

She posted another photo, continuing her sentiment:

"Feeling very grateful for this body right now for its strength in making a baby!"

It's such an important message to remember because moms are truly magic!