Woman 'Almost Started Crying' Over Stranger's Secret Sketch Of Her

One TikToker recently shared an experience that she had while traveling when a strange man began to sketch a portrait of her. The eventual outcome of the sketch proved that...well, let's just say that it left her in tears.

No one likes to find a bad photograph of themselves, but having a bespoke piece of artwork created of yourself which leaves you crying is something else entirely.

The incident took place when Emma Keane was traveling from Connecticut to LA.

Ms Keane posted the video to her TikTok account, writing that, "getting handed that piece of sketchbook paper was the most [devastating] moment of my life."

The unfortunate Ms Keane also explained that it was the first time that she had traveled alone.

For a first time traveling alone, the journey did not exactly fill her with confidence for future travels.

Our unsuspecting model said that she was wearing the above outfit, explaining:

"Pretty normal travel outfit situation, right? But I was kind of feeling myself. It was the first time I was going cross-country, whatever, I was feeling good about what I was doing."

However, while sitting at her gate in Minnesota, she encountered a somewhat intense guy.

"I'm sitting down at the gate, I'm in Minnesota, it's seven in the morning and this guy, [he's] about my age, he sits down across from me and he starts staring at me," she went on to say.

"And then he whips out a sketch book and a 24-pack of Crayolas, and he starts staring at me and drawing, and staring at me and drawing."

Yes, that's right, our man was rendering Ms Keane in Crayola, a bold choice.

The situation was less than ideal for Ms Keane, who acknowledged how weird it was.

Like any person would, Ms Keane thought to herself, "Is this creepy or is this awesome?" However, ever the optimist, she "decided it was awesome," she said.

The man sketched her for over 30 minutes, before getting up, heading over to Ms Keane and saying, "Hey, I'm sorry if this is weird but I drew you."

And then, he handed her the picture.

She was somewhat shocked by what was on the page...

When she looked at the picture that she was handed, Ms Keane explained her reaction as: "I almost started crying."

I don't know about you, but I don't think that it was exactly the reaction that our intense scribbler friend was going for. Although, in fairness, it is probably better than I could ever do...not that that is necessarily a compliment.

Ms Keane claimed that she was "humbled" by the experience.

"Never before in my life have I been humbled so instantly," were her exact words. She also went on to say, "I think that constitutes a hate crime."

Ms Keane also pointed out that she was somewhat annoyed by the fact that he had given her "angry eyes," although was aware that is was "probably accurate."

Would you like to have a sketch done of you in at an airport terminal?

The idea of someone sketching you is quite a romantic idea, but I suppose that the important aspect is the actual execution of the drawing. However, fair play to this guy for giving it a shot!

People seem to be loving the drawing as well, as the video received over 230,000 likes! So, I guess that the drawing is sort of a success?

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