Rude Celebrity Stories I'll Never Be Able To Forget

When we see our favorite celebrities in movies and on TV, a part of us wants to believe that they're all genuinely kind nice people. But unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Sometimes, the bubble bursts, and we're made to realize that our icons can sometimes be real jerks. Have a look below at these rude celebrity stories that I'll never be able to forget.

Nick Lachey

Reddit user skitdiddle used to manage a sandwich shop that Nick and his wife Vanessa would often frequent. "He never tipped and even elbowed his little cutie when she tried to. He would never look at anyone or say hi the entire time in the store."

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has a reputation for being quite the diva. BuzzFeed Community member alannan4bf3ecfa1 claims that they've worked with Nicki before and were given strict instructions to not look her in the face.

That's just a tad high and mighty, wouldn't you say?

Gene Simmons

"My dad wasn't a huge Kiss fan, but he appreciated their music and told Gene something along the lines of, 'Awesome concert, thanks for the show.' Gene looked at my dad and then promptly replied, 'I hope the next time you're sucking ass to impress someone, you pucker up more' and then walked off." - Reddit u/squirrel-ninja

Ed Westwick

What's the strangest celebrity encounter you've ever had? It can't be more offputting than tdee94's experience with Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick. They ran into Ed while attending Coachella and supposedly Ed took a bite of their pizza (without asking) only to spit it back out.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was flying first class on the same airline that Redditor lightningpaw_ worked for as a flight attendant. They say that when their manager introduced himself to Hugh, he was promptly told by the actor to [expletive] off.

Maria Bello

One time Maria Bello called this BuzzFeed Community member's restaurant and made several lavish requests for their meal. "So, the restaurant went out of their way to make her party this certain type of bread [off the menu], only to have them not show up. It was a huge waste of food."

Jim Belushi

After urboy23 and their friend waited outside for a Jim Belushi autograph, he promptly told his group of adoring young fans to [expletive] off and leave him alone. John Candy, on the other hand, was supposedly a sweetheart.

Idina Menzel

"Idina Menzel was set to perform at the place I worked at in college, which was filled with devoted fans of hers. She came on three hours late, and had very specific food items/demands for her green room — she was also extremely rude to everyone who worked at the facility." - Reddit u/darthTharsys

Chevy Chase

In a since-deleted Reddit post, this user explains that when they were a young child, they spotted Chevy in a hotel lobby. When they asked him for an autograph, the legendary comedian exploded and began berating the Redditor's father for raising a poor son.

Patrick Stewart

It breaks my heart to have to say it, but according to this BuzzFeed Community member — Sir Patrick refused to take a photo with a Make-A-Wish kid.

There just has to be more context to the story, there just has to be!

Miles Teller

"I met Miles Teller at a bar — he told my friend to buy him a drink, and he still refused to take a picture with him. He ended up smacking my phone out of my hand — I'll never watch another movie with him in it again." - Reddit u/lb02528


I want to believe that Oprah is as angelic as she appears to be on television but apparently it isn't so. According to Reddit u/MommaBearJam, she claims that the iconic daytime TV host once stiffed her on a $200 bill!

Pierce Brosnan

"Saw him loading his car up at a farmer's market in Santa Monica. Walked up to him and told him I was a big fan. I didn't ask for a picture or anything. He got into his car and as he was backing up he told me to [expletive] right off." - Reddit u/K2D23PO

Kristen Stewart

Apparently, Kristen got confrontational with Redditor 666chelada while waiting for an Uber outside of a pool hall. The divisive actress allegedly shot a nasty look their way, cocked her head, and yelled "WHAT!" with her arms raised.

Gwyneth Paltrow

"I worked with Gwyneth Paltrow's children for eight weeks at a camp, and we got paid $5 an hour. Parents usually tip $100 or more at the end, but she didn't tip at all." - BuzzFeed Community u/mattymo56

Dave Chapelle

"Dave Chapelle. Waited 2 hours outside to meet him. He comes out, hangs out for less than 1 minute then leaves. I will never ever wait for another celebrity again."arunnair87

Chris Brown

Another Redditor said that Brown was being very rude to basically anyone he encountered at a club.

I get you're trying to have a good night and all, but it doesn't hurt to put a smile on your face!

Michael Jordan.

"I don't know why he was there (this was after the Bulls), but I was walking down Michigan Ave like a Chi lady. I guess he came up behind me, and I didn't notice him fast enough, said "move bitch". I noticed him and said, "I'm deaf asshole." I got a over the sunglasses wink before he walked away." -3ar3ara_G0rd0n

Zooey Deschanel

According to one Redditor, Deschanel isn't into eye contact, so much so, that it's basically a rule to not look at her.

I don't know about you, but that's a little much. I hope it isn't true!

Mike 'The Situation'

"in terms of rude encounters, i met the situation in NYC with my frat bros, and he refused to take a picture, real rude. exactly whatd youd expect him to be." MrBoliNica

Lenny Kravitz

Apparently, when Kravitz was staying at a hotel, he had a rule that no one was allowed to speak to him.

And to be honest, if I was as famous as him, I would probably want the same thing when trying to get some R&R.

Rowan Atkinson

"I saw him in the grocery store and said "Hello Mr Atkinson, I love your work". "[expletive] off". He apparently has a reputation for being very rude, I just wanted to say that and let him get on with his day!" zerbey

Nicki Minaj

One person said that they worked with Nicki Minaj on a music video and she called him incompetent during the shooting.

I don't know about you, but that would hurt me.

Danny Worsnop

"Drunk the whole show, refused to hug my friend because he was male and made homophobic comments. My friend was straight just loved the band." -deleted

Bam Margera

Margera is, apparently, so rude that he even got into an altercation with a local!

But apparently, it was Margera who started the argument in the first place by insulting him.

Carrie Underwood

"She refused to use a toilet if someone else had sat on the seat before, cleaning them wasn’t good enough, so we had to buy new toilet seats every time she came." - kiilluas

William Shatner

When one user was 10 and was in Hawaii, he saw Shatner, who said he would give the child an autograph.

When he went to "get a pen" he actually got in a limo and drove away.


"Saw Usher being driven through ATL airport on a courtesy shuttle, he got off at the Sky Club area, someone asked him for an autograph, and instead he handed them a bag of Chik-Fil-A trash and went inside." -epidemica

Kim Kardashian

One Redditor pointed out that the celeb was very stuck up and this was even before the height of her fame.

Hopefully since then, she's become a little more modest!

Rachel Ray

"Not me, but my mom. When she worked at an art museum, Rachael Ray came in to film something that I can't remember. When she walked through the front door, my mom greeted her with "Welcome to the ________ Art Center!" to which Rachael Ray walks right past her, not even looking at her. Later, my mom gave some sort of chocolate bar to Ray for coming, and Ray kept teasing and taunting the cameraman with it. My mom ended up giving the poor guy a bar too." -user/Sparky_321

Bill Nye

Apparently after Bill Nye gave a talk at a university, he blew off the 20 or so people that stood outside waiting to get autographs from him.

Do you have any rude celebrity stories? If you do let us know down below!