Millennials Online Have Decided To Ditch Top Sheets For Good

I grew up in Europe, so that's one thing you need to know about me. There, we were comforter people. It wasn't until I came to Canada that I discovered such a thing as a top sheet.

My first question was: Why do I need that? But over the years, I succumbed to the pressure of using it. I mean, it does come in a sheet set, no? Well it seems the younger generations have spoken out and decided to do away with sheet for good.

In North America, it seems that you're considered a grown-up when you use a top sheet on your bed!

I know, it's pretty odd, but I've heard that before. So that's why I finally gave in and started using one, too.

So. can you blame me for using one?

Unsplash | Jen P.

I guess not. But I will admit the flat top sheet does look nice folded over that comforter. But only when it's not wrinkled — otherwise, it looks messy. Am I right?

But who's got time to iron it, huh?

Definitely not me, ha, ha! And then let's talk about the whole process of making your bed. It's definitely more time-consuming when you use the top sheet. There's all that tucking and straightening every single day. Ugh!

The worst is when you get under the sheets and you're like, "My legs are trapped!"

Unsplash | DANNY G

LOL! It can be tricky to ensure that your feet are still free to do what they want. So basically, it's a constant battle you're living out each night if you choose to use a top sheet.

Does that describe your experience too?

Well, it seems that people online are so over their top sheets. In fact, many are ditching the top sheet altogether, and they're quite happy about it too. There's even a debate going on online.

Well, there are two sides to this dilemma.

Some people are totally against the idea of a top sheet. It seems to be a bit generational, no? I bet all the millennials are too busy to worry about having a top sheet. Does that Sound about right?

And then there are jokers like these.


I don't think I would go that far, ha, ha! But I can understand where they get this reasoning. Perhaps they think the person who uses one is a very rigid person indeed.

Now, if you're a top sheet lover like this person, I bet you'll stand with them on this.

I wonder why they love it so much. Was it their upbringing? Or do they feel the need to be smothered when they sleep? Ha, ha!

So let me ask you this: Which side are you on, huh?

Have you always used a top sheet on your bed, or did you succumb to the pressure like me? Ah, the battle must continue, and I want to hear your reasoning.