Prince William And Kate Middleton's Birthday Post To Meghan Markle Sparks Controversy

Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time, however, if you're someone with family drama, you know that's not always the case. It's also not easy to enjoy your birthday when you're one of the most famous people in the world, and your in-laws are literally royalty. No matter what Prince William and Kate Middleton do, it seems it's never enough for fans.

Now, the pair's birthday post for the Duchess is sparking backlash.

It's hard to believe Meghan Markle is 40-years-old!

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

The actress, mom, wife, and philanthropist hasn't aged a day in ten years. From her time on Suits to her internationally celebrated wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan has had quite a decade.

This past May, Meghan and Harry welcomed their second child — a daughter — completing their perfect family.

As you can tell, I'm a huge Meghan Markle fan, but I also have love in my heart for Prince William and Kate Middleton — imagine my stress!

In an effort to honor their sister-in-law on her birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted on their Twitter account.

"Wishing a happy 40th birthday to The Duchess of Sussex," the tweet read, alongside a beautiful pic of Meghan.

The Cambridge's weren't the only Royals to reach out to Meghan via social media.

The Royal Family Twitter account shared a series of sweet snaps, including one of Meghan and the Queen on their first public engagement together back in June 2018.

Prince Charles and Camilla followed suit and wished their daughter-in-law a happy birthday.

While rumours of the pair's strained relationship continue to swirl, it's clear everyone is pushing past the drama to celebrate Meghan's milestone birthday.

Despite several members of the Royal family posting, the reaction to Kate and Williams post was *very* dramatic.

"You could just wish her happy birthday in private. This is not rising above for me, sorry.," tweeted one follower.

"She will not be happy with this tweet, cause you have mentioned her age," echoed another.

A lot of people were calling out the fact the tweet mentioned her age, which I'm kind of confused about.

A woman's age is nothing to be ashamed of, but I understand a lot of people still don't find it polite to mention it.

However, it's a milestone birthday! The BIG 4-0!

It's clear many of William and Kate's followers didn't see the need for their birthday message.

"Why do I feel this may not be sincere," asked one Twitter user.

Many even ignored Meghan's birthday and went on to wish the late Queen Mother a happy birthday, remembering her on what would have been her 121st birthday!

Seriously, people were just glazing right over Meghan's birthday...

While it's cool that these two share the same birthday, it seems rude to ignore Meghan's in an effort to celebrate The Queen Mother.

Why can't we celebrate both?!

It's clear the Royals are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

"Oh, come on," tweeted one fan. "Had they not wished her a happy birthday, everyone would’ve been complaining about that. There are much more important things to worry about, and complain about."

Thankfully, a lot of fans were sticking up for Meghan and the Cambridge's decision to wish her a happy birthday.

Being kind is never something anyone should regret — and I bet they're all still close despite what the tabloids want us to believe.

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