Oui Oui! Aunty Acid's Hump Day Puzzle Has Us Saying 'Sacrebleu'

Hello! Bonjour! Are you impressed that I know French? What can I say, I've been practicing ever since I watched Funny Face all those years ago! As it turns out, however, Walt and I won't be going to Paris anytime soon, so I figured I bring a bit of Parisian paradise to you all with the inaugural edition of Aunty Acid's Hump Day Puzzles!

Let's take a look at these animations and see if you can spot an identical pair!

If there's anything on earth I love, it's bread. And Walt. And my kids. But yes, back to BREAD! Crusty, crispy French bread is without a doubt my favorite — I could eat 3 baguettes in one sitting if no one was watching!

Now, I'm here to test your bread skills to see if you can tell which tiny animated versions of me holding a baguette look the same to you.

There are only two of them, so focus hard!

Out of these 8 Aunty Acid animations, only two are identical. Can you help me find the exact same pair?

Aunty Acid

Have you figured it out yet? I'm getting impatient!

When you do find the pair, let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for playing, and we'll see you next week!

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