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Couple Who Grew Up On Opposite Sides Of The Economic Scale Are Sharing How It Affects Their Relationship

Everyone comes from a different walk of life. Some people grow up in big cities, while others grow up in my country and rural areas. Then, there are those who grow up with a lot of money and who are very well off, and those who grow up living paycheck to paycheck.

The way in which you were raised can impact the way you see the world sometimes. And, it can also make it hard to relate to people who did not grow up the way that you did.

One TikTok couple is sharing the ways in which their different upbringings showcase how they are so different in their home.

Michaela and Alex Akins live together and are married, but both grew up on different ends of the economic spectrum.

Michaela experienced homelessness and food insecurity in her childhood and adulthood, while Alex grew up in the upper class. This has caused some differences in their relationship.

Michaela shared that the way they eat and buy food is totally different.

For one, Michaela eats everything on her plate, no matter what. She says she was "not allowed to leave the table until her plate was clear." Alex, on the other hand, eats until he is full.

Alex also buys name-brand products, while Michaela buys store brand because it is less expensive.

Alex throws everything out, but Michaela does not.

Michaela saves everything they use, including things from take-out restaurants to reuse again. Additionally, she keeps all gift bags to reuse again and regift.

She also keeps all her receipts in case she has to return anything, where Alex will just get rid of the thing that does not work.

They both see things differently, too.

Michaela won't finish anything in the fridge, not wanting to be the one to finish it off. But, Alex will finish everything. Additionally, Alex will leave lights on and Michaela follows always turning things off.

Even though they are different, the couple says you can always make things work as long as you understand each other!