Donut Shop Owner Defends Homeless Man Who Customer Left One-Star Review Over

We all want to stick up for not only what we believe is right, but for who we think deserves the defense. Be it someone we care about is insulted or demeaned, anything of the sort, we want to speak up and tell whoever's saying that that it isn't okay.

This desire is what overcame the owner of a donut shop, who was given a one-star review over the homeless man who lives out front.

A business receiving a one-star review can be devastating, especially when it's a small business doing their best to serve their community.

So when Nomad Donuts, a donut shop in San Diego, saw a one-star review left on their Yelp page, they wanted to address it and see what they could do better for their customers in the future.

The review that was left was far different from what they could have expected, and had nothing to do with the quality of their donuts.

The review and the subsequent reply were captured and posted to Reddit's r/MurderedByWords community.

People were huge fans of Nomad Donuts' owner, Brad Keiller's, response to the review. The post currently has 19k upvotes and hundreds of comments discussing the exchange.

The review reads, "A homeless guy has lived (morning noon and night) against the front entrance for about a year. Really makes me feel great about spending $5 on a jelly donut."

Brad felt the immediate need to defend the 'homeless guy' the reviewer mentioned in a lengthy response.

Unsplash | Jon Tyson

"Thanks for coming into the shop," he started. "We've appreciated your support over the years, even at the original one on 30th St! I'm sorry that Ray ruined your experience on your last visit. Know that he would like you to continue buying $4 donuts from Nomad everyday and doesn't want you to feel guilty about it."

He went on to describe Ray and his role at the store.

"Our 'new' location on University has a lot more homeless people than the original on 30th St and it had really been an issue until Ray started hanging out outside the shop. He keeps the problematic ones away. Yes we've had many of those on meth, heroin, and such that I've had to almost forcibly remove from the shop but Ray keeps them away."

Brad offered up more info on his background, who Ray is as a person.

Unsplash | Arnold Francisca

"Ray is a former computer programmer with some physical and psychological challenges but he is very intelligent and respectful. I speak with him almost everyday. I like him. He is part of our community. The outside of the building provides him shelter from the sun, rain, and the building slabs give warmth at night."

He finished with this: "I understand how you feel, it's not easy to look at. I know I probably lose some business, probably yours too, because of my choice not to chase him away but I won't. He's not looking for handouts and he tried not to bother anyone. If you stop and talk with him maybe you'll come to like him too."

The replies to the Reddit post heralded this man, praising him for his response.

"The business owner is clearly socially conscious," wrote one user. "That’s great and I’d support that. But it seems to me that the hero of the piece is actually Ray. He needs more love than the business."

"Every inch of respect for this post is deserved. Ray's a human, with a story, same as everyone," said another.

It was a lesson learned for the reviewer and a show of respect from the owner for Ray, an important community member.

As one comment put it after reading the response, "I feel like I just learned an important lesson from my Grandpa." That's a good vibe to have for situations like this, it means Keiller handled it really well!

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h/t: Upworthy