People Are Praising This Student's Controversial Resume That Got Him Hired

I don't think there's a single job-seeker in the world who doesn't experience anxiety over their resume. The wording, the headings, and even the font are all things that many of us agonize over.

However, a recent story out of Ontario, Canada shows us that the simple approach might be best.

Here's the resume.

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

That's it. There's no more to it.

It was posted to LinkedIn by Edward Denyer, who runs a coffee shop.

Denyer's caption for the resume was similarly to the point: "Best resume I ever got, no messing around and to the point! Hired..."

Denyer isn't lying.

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

Numerous comments asked whether such a simple resume actually got the kid hired, and Denyer insists that he did, in fact, hire him. He even added that since the hiring, he's expanded the applicant's role and things are going well.

Is it a realistic job application?

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

When you're a teenager with zero job experience, a job application like this makes sense. You're basically saying, "I have no experience, but I'm willing to do my best."

But once you're actually applying for specialized jobs, this approach doesn't work anymore.

Did Denyer make the right call?

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

Personally, I think he did. He isn't hiring a master roaster, he's hiring someone to take orders. In this role, the applicant doesn't need to go on and on to prove their worth. They can prove their worth on the job.

How would HR departments handle it?

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

In a small business setting, where the hiring manager reads every resume, this approach could definitely work.

But for larger offices, quirky resumes like this might be automatically discarded by HR software before an actual human gets a chance to look at them.

In any case, it's a delightful story.

LinkedIn | Edward Denyer

While many of the comments were skeptical or even negative, the overwhelming majority applauded Denyer for giving the kid a break, while expressing admiration for the kid to boldly submit such a to-the-point job application.

What do you think?

If you were hiring for an entry-level job, would you consider this application?

We also want to know about your most interesting story about getting hired on for a job. Have you tried anything outside-the-box in order to find work? Let us know in the comments section!

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