Athlete Shows Off The Coolest Parts Of The Olympic Village We'd Never Get To See

Each time the Olympics roll around, we often hear stories of how hard athletes worked to get there and what they had to overcome for the opportunity of a lifetime.

And in so many cases, we then see them in action and marvel as they pull of staggering feats that many of us know full well we couldn't accomplish in a million years.

But while those are important parts of the story, it helps to remember that life in the Olympic Village isn't all grit and pressure. As one athlete showed off on TikTok, all that hard work is cut with a lot of perks that make it hard not to feel jealous.

On July 25, American rugby player Cody Melphy uploaded a TikTok taking us through the "things that just make sense in the Olympic Village."

And indeed, a lot of what he shows us are what you might expect to see there, such as the housing set aside for those representing each country, the security checkpoint, or the massive and sophisticated laundry service serving all of them.

But alongside the cardboard beds that some of us have heard about, he also showed the enviable spread that the 10,000 athletes present have to choose from in their 24/7 dining hall. Also, all the vending machines give out free drinks.

And yes, it makes sense that international athletes who burn so many calories would need all the food, snacks and drinks from around the world they could get.

But what a lot fewer of us were likely expecting is the fact that organizers also provided automated cars to ferry athletes around the village.

Another futuristic feature that Melphy showed off were screens keeping track of all the village's facilities that also tell him how busy each room is at the moment.

We are still in a pandemic, after all.

But as Melphy's video demonstrates, even the stuff we'd expect can still be staggering to look at just because of the sheer scope of it all.

And while you can see a lot of the coolest sights and otherworldly vibe of the Olympic Village here, he might not have shown us one of the place's coolest features if it weren't for one fan's comment.

After they asked, "Do you get to hang out with athletes from other countries," Melphy showed exactly where that happens.

This follow-up video brings us to a large entertainment center where athletes can play ping pong, arcade games, and watch whatever happens to be going on in the actual Olympic Games together.

All in all, the training and hard work I'd have to go through to get here still seems incredibly daunting, but it's nice to know that such an intense lifestyle doesn't come without some cool perks.

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