20 Times People Couldn't Help Feeling Like They Got Burned

There are some individuals out there who are always convinced that the world is out to get them in one way or another — and often that is because the world is out to get them!

So, from people who got fleeced by online sellers in the most ridiculous ways to individuals who really should have researched their tattoo artist a little more, here are 20 times people couldn't help feeling like they got burned.

"Pearls of wisdom: be cautious when ordering online."

This is just downright abysmal. I cannot for the life of me find one single redeeming feature in the entirety of that blouse, or jacket, or cardigan, or whatever it is! I hope that they never bought anything else from that website, they'd be mad to!

"There's no fixing that."

I don't know, I think that the tattoo artist might have just about nailed it. I just sincerely hope that the guy who now has this on his arm forever, and ever, and ever is in some way pleased with it.

"What they asked for vs what they got, they were told by the artist that they could do realism."

There was someone who posited, "this is the customer's fault honestly. You see the mock up and stencil before the artist gets to work... Unless they do it free hand... And if they're doing it freehand you should be familiar with their portfolio of work."

"$3 'gold sheet mask' expectation vs reality."

I cannot tell whether she looks more like an artistic design that got rejected from the set of Eyes Wide Shut, or whether she just looks like she is covered in cheese singles. It's a bold look either way though.

"Buying a kids' dinosaur pillowcase."

I hope that I am not alone in admitting that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to notice what was wrong with what had arrived. It would be creepy as hell just sleeping on a picture of another person sleeping on your pillow.

"Imagine working your ass off to perfect it and then this happening..."

I think that the one on the left has a certain quaint charm to it now that I look at it. The use of negative space is incredible, and it has such a clear vision for its artistic intentions. Beautiful.

"I paid way too much to be bamboozled like this."

I can see why they would be annoyed by this deception, have you ever seen how expensive saffron is? By God is it heinously pricey! In fact, saffron is actually said to be more expensive than gold, ounce for ounce.

"When you specifically order a sugar free frozen coke from McDonald's because you're type 1 diabetic."

This is just incredibly dangerous. I did not even know that sugar free frozen coke was a thing that you could get, but one other person did point out, "Yes it is! However it's a real gamble whether the person at the counter is interested in checking it's the right button."

"I think she hates it..."

She looks fairly shocked by it to say the least, I cannot see a future for her as a witch's familiar. The person who posted this did also say that they took this hat off her and have not since tried to put it back on.

Close Enough!

"When I was 8 years old I LOVED Pokémon (and still do). I asked my grandmother to make me an Elekid doll and this is what I got," this person wrote. I absolutely love that they have kept this, I think that it is perfect just how it is!

"Plastic is the new paper!"

I am sure that the company behind this will come out and say something along the lines of, "Oh, we meant the plastic on the bottle, not the bottle itself!" Because that is just the sort of world that we live in now.

The Mona Lisa Mask!

I do not know why this mask is so unsettling, but by Christ it is. This person did also go on to say, "I still got compliments on it [but] mostly gave people the creeps!" and I can see why!

Not Quite What They Ordered...

This was so close to being right, and yet it just falls short. I also thought that you were not meant to burn the candle at both ends! Yes that was truly abysmal, and yes I am sorry, I'll show myself out.

"I ordered a 12 inch pizza. They told me it shrinks during the baking process."

If this pizzeria's dough was actually shrinking by this much then there is something really wrong with that dough and you should not eat it! One mathematician also pointed out, "9 [inch] pizza is only about half the size in total area of a 12 [inch] so you got screwed over."

"'Nachos' $9 and it comes with a dried cucumber slice. I love NYC."

I feel bad for them, but I also love how unnecessarily expressive this guy's hands are in this photograph. I have actually seen better nachos, and better food in general, in Taco Bell, so you know something is up when that is the case.

"What I ordered vs what they sent me."

I mean, they aren't even trying here. Apparently, this was actually a Denny's using a ghost kitchen to try and get more sales. The person who posted this wrote, "I realized it was a Denny’s once they sent it to me and I was trying to call them to give them a piece of my mind."

"What I wanted vs what I got."

Yeah that hairdresser really didn't quite get the cut right, or the color, and they also managed to make their hair look dryer than a hay bale in a heatwave. Still, I hope that this is salvageable in some way.

"My mini pie was empty."

Perhaps this was actually a "fill your own pie," or maybe the real filling was the emotional adventure that you had upon realising that it was empty! Also, good to see the finger measuring tattoo making a surprise appearance again.

"I'm a seamstress and i got a 2 inch ruler tattooed on my finger so I never lose it."

I actually quite like the idea behind this one. Although, over time it will surely just get progressively less accurate? Also, I feel as though she is just asking to lose a finger by saying, "so I never lose it"!

"Was cutting watermelon and my steel knife just snapped."

It seems as though the knights of old had it all wrong. They should not have been making their armor out of metal, but out of watermelons instead. That would also have made for much funnier paintings of old battles if everyone had been running around covered in watermelons.