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I Simply Can't Get Enough Of These Bridezilla Stories

There are no shortage of bridezillas in this world — unfortunately.

These brides monsters wreak havoc on the wedding industry, along with the lives of their close family and friends.

Get on their bad side and they will turn on you. And yet, the stories about them are SO entertaining.

Learn just how with these stories you won't be able to get enough of.

The florist.

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One bridezilla asked a florist to put together all the flowers for her wedding three hours before it started.

Most brides plan months in advance. When the florist refused, the bride broke out into tears and said that they were ruining her wedding.

The weight gain.

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"My sister in law asked her bridesmaids (me included) to gain 5-10 kilos to make her look better in comparison. I just can't understand that." - u/Gday_Sl*tdog. No one has a say on someone's appearances.

The medication.

"My bridezilla friend told me I wasn't allowed to take pain medication (for my lupus) at her wedding. She was afraid I'd be 'too out of it' to perform my MOH duties. 9am to 7pm is a long time to be on your feet without a break and without pain meds. I sent them off to their honeymoon and drove the eight hours home in misery." - u/Manateecups

The hypocrite.

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This Redditor attended a dry wedding, which means no alcohol.

While there's nothing wrong with that, the bride made her guests wait four hours in the middle of nowhere. Then, she showed up with alcohol for herself!

The earrings.

"My step sister flipped her [expletive] to me and then my mom, then her mom, then her dad, and then all the other bridesmaids, and then back to me because I wanted to wear my diamond stud earrings and she wanted me to buy golden hoops." -u/menstrualpancakes

The hair length.

"My friend was a bridesmaid at a wedding where the Bride demanded that nobody cut their hair or gain any weight before the big day. All their hairstyles had to be the exact same length. She had to control every aspect of what they did." -u/AmyDiaz99

The pictures.

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This Redditor had the unfortunate experience of being this bridezilla's best friend and maid of honor.

That's because the bride refused to let her in any of the wedding pictures since she said she's "ugly."

The fake tan.

"We wouldn't get any fake tans because no one was allowed to be tanner than her. Also, no tan lines on our lesser tanned skin." - AccomplishedOlive .

In addition to this, the vain bridezilla had to have the longest fake eyelashes.

The evil stepmom.

One bride wasn't winning the Best Stepmom Award of the year when she refused to let her new husband's daughter from a previous relationship attend the wedding.

Her reason? "She's not mine and I don't want her distracting people."

The bastard children.

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"My best friend's coworker is getting married later this year, and oh, man, this girl's got some problems. She's very religious and 'pure,' which, if that's your thing, is fine. Whatever. However, she told my friend last week that she doesn't want anyone at her wedding who was born out of wedlock. Which includes my friend, who is the daughter of a teen mom." - u/soundlife

The flood.

"A friend was mad because a few days before her wedding there was a terrible flood in a South American country which somehow ruined her chances of being able to get just the right colour flower for the centre pieces. Nutbag." - deleted

The expensive dress.

This Redditor's former best friend had the gull to pick out a $2400 dress for her bridesmaids to wear.

When the Redditor said she couldn't afford it but could make something similar, they cussed her out and said that they were ruining her vision and to pay for it with credit.

The control freak.

"Bridezilla wanted to tell me when I could sleep, where I could eat, and what I could or couldn't do with my own funds on a destination wedding and I wasn't even in the wedding party." - u/throwawayawayawayabc

The spoiled bride.

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"My former best friend was always somewhat entitled, but things reached epic proportions when she was planning her wedding. I dropped her when I realized I just couldn't bear to hear her complain about the burdens of spending her parents money on a big party for herself any longer." - u/deleted

The middle of nowhere.

After this Redditor planned a wonderful Bachelorette party for her friend, they thanked her by refusing to drive everyone home after.

This left the Redditor and the other bridesmaids stranded for hours.

The heels.

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"No one was allowed to wear heels because she didn't want anyone to be taller than her. She was already at least 3 inches taller than any girl at her wedding (there were 6 bridesmaids including me)." -u/ILIKETODRINKBBT

The indecisive bride.

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"I was recently invited to be a bridesmaid, then uninvited, and then re-invited. I declined the second time...On top of that, this same Bride-to-be started what is essentially a 'kick starter/'indie gogo' style online fundraiser for her honeymoon." - u/hazyjen

The bridesmaid contract.

This Redditor "noped" out of their friend's wedding the moment they handed over the contract.

Another bride recently did this on TikTok. She shared that she demanded her bridesmaids pay for an all-inclusive trip to Mexico.

The racist.

"I was the MOH at my childhood best friend's wedding. At this time I had just started to date someone new. Moments before we were about to walk out, she turns to me and says 'You know, your relationship is such a joke. Nobody will ever accept an interracial couple like you two. That's why my wedding is always going to be so much better than yours.' I looked really miserable trying to force a smile on my face the rest of the day." - u/lyzzi3