My Heart Grew Three Sizes Watching A Paralyzed Man Propose To His Girlfriend Using Exoskeleton Suit

Josh Smith is a sucker for tradition. He wasn't going to let anything get in the way of him proposing on one knee to his girlfriend, Grace — not even the fact that Josh is quadriplegic.

The task seemed impossible at first. But thanks to the help of some determined therapists, as well as groundbreaking advancements in technology — Josh and Grace were able to have the proposal of their dreams.

Seven years ago, Josh Smith became quadriplegic after a tragic swimming accident.


Since that time, Josh has been unable to walk or perform most menial activities without help or assistance. Josh knew right away that his life would be forever changed, more specifically — his dating life.

But during the height of the 2020 pandemic, Josh met his future bride to be Grace Thompson.


The couple discovered early on that not only did they hail from the same town, but they also went to the same church! After a year of dating, Josh came to realize that Grace was the one.

Josh then had an idea, one that he wasn't even sure was possible.


"So, I reached out to my therapists and told them I wanted to try to get down on one knee to propose, and I was hoping that we could use the exoskeleton to help with that," he explained to Good Morning America.

As amazing as it was that Josh got down on one knee, Grace said that being able to see him stand is what truly stole her heart.

"I've never seen him stand before," Grace said. "So that was really great, and it was really strange too, like, have him hug me standing up! I wish we could do that more!"

Josh and Grace are living proof that true love knows no bounds.