Woman Harassed By Man For Wearing A Normal Bathing Suit On The Beach: 'Dress Modestly'

A trip to the beach is a great way to relax and enjoy the sunshine on a hot day. Unfortunately, it can also be a place for young women to be bombarded and harassed.

Earlier this month, a TikToker named Katie Simmons experienced this very thing. She was accosted by a strange man brandishing a fanatical sign that told women to cover up and dress modestly.

TikToker @.katie.simmons decided to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day and head down to the beach.

After a quick swim, Katie decided to lie down in the sand and soak up some rays. Then all of a sudden she heard a commotion and saw a strange man walking toward her.

The sign he was carrying read, "God says Christian women dress modest. Repent and turn to Jesus."

At first, it appears that Katie thinks this man might be joking. "Sir, it’s a beach,” Katie says in the clip. “Are we supposed to dress modest at a beach?”

He tries to answer her and begins "God doesn't want women —" before Katie abruptly cuts him off.

She asks "What did God say?" right before the video times out. The clip has received nearly 900K plays so far on TikTok and although it might seem incredulous, this kind of thing happens all too often.

Fellow TikTocker wild_wild_smiff said, "it's like going to a bar and being mad that people are drinking."

Others questioned why this man felt the need to press his religion on complete and total strangers in the first place.

How would you react if you saw this man while you were enjoying a day at the beach? Leave a comment and let us know!