Handyman Husband's DIY Haircut For His Wife Actually Impresses The Internet

Since most of us have been stuck at home for a long time, we let our hair grow long. But enough is enough, right?

So this one woman allowed her husband to give her a trim, and the internet is all over it. I mean, if the man has never done it before, how could she let him do it? It's called "trust," people.

Okay, let me ask a question: would you let your husband or boyfriend cut your hair?

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

For me, it's a resounding "yes." In fact, my fiancé has already done it numerous times. He's also taken over coloring my hair since we moved.

So you see, ladies, men can do this if you only allow them.

Unsplash | David Siglin

Actually, most of them are happy to help us out in a pinch. And a few of them take pride in perfecting this very special skill only to make us happy.

I suspect this was exactly the case here too.

This husband and wife duo already work together on DIY projects they showcase on TikTok. So why not extend that partnership into another area, right? Anyway, there is something else about this particular haircut.

This handyman husband took some time to get the job right.

First, he meticulously combed his wife's long black hair, so it wasn't tangled. Aww, good job so far. I like that. Gentlemen, make sure you don't skip this part.

Now, here comes the funny part.

Get this he actually took out a level to make sure the wife's hair was straight. Ha, ha. I guess a handyman is always a handyman, and he never leaves his tools far behind.

OMG, I love that.

And then, once he knew where to cut, he did it. And it turned out absolutely perfect. Voila, job well done, man. If this is how he handles his DIY work, too, I am thoroughly impressed by this man.

This video totally went viral and got over 1.5-million views.

Wow, how about that? Everybody was so impressed by this man's hair-cutting skills. Some even joked that they would love to book him to do their hair too, ha, ha!

TikTokers were quick to point out that the way he held the scissors looked totally professional.

They couldn't believe that he's never done this before. Even some hairdressers chimed in and confirmed that it looks like a professional was doing the cut.

So what do you think of this video?

Do you believe that this guy never cut anybody's hair before? I can. I mean, he is a handyman, after all. Therefore, he's smart enough to figure it out. I bet he secretly watched a few YouTube videos first.