Hairstylist Helps Women Embrace Their Gray Hair Instead Of Hiding It

The older you get, the more you will notice gray hairs popping up here and there. For a woman, this could be a traumatic sight. After all, we are so attached to our beautiful locks.

But what if you could just embrace this instead of hating it? Well, that's exactly what this celebrity stylist does for his clients, and the results are simply stunning.

I've already told you about Jack Martin.

He's a wizard when it comes to allowing women's gray hair to shine. Instead of trying to convince them to dye it a different color, he creates the most amazing gray hues I've ever seen.

Martin often posts dramatic before-and-after pictures on his Instagram account.

And I'm going to share with you a few new ones I recently stumbled upon here. Check out this lady, for example. Isn't this new gray color simply gorgeous? Oh my goodness, wow!

Are you as blown away by it as I am?

Honestly, if he weren't all the way in Tustin, California, I would see him in a heartbeat. Hmm, maybe a trip out West is in order now that travel restrictions are easing up

He even transforms women's hair who weren't already going gray.

This lady here had a red color, but Martin created a stunning creamy-white hue for her. The difference in hair quality is pretty staggering here. Do you agree with that observation?

Martin loves silver hair so much he even gives out tips to take care of your locks.

He suggests you leave your hair alone for one week after getting it dyed. That way, your hair can replenish its lost oils.

Ladies, did you know about this?

I have to admit I did not, but now it makes perfect sense to me. Even though I like to wash my hair every other day, I would follow this professional advice to a tee.

It doesn't really matter if your hair is long or short, Martin's salon is there to give it a much-needed color boost.

This lady came in with her long curly locks, and now they're bouncy and full of life again.

If your hair tends to be flat, Martin has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to fix that.

That's exactly what he did for this pretty lady here. In addition to adjusting her color, he also gave her hair more volume.

Who here has dreamed of being a silver siren?

Well, how would you like your hair to end up looking like this, huh? Wow, this is pretty dramatic. Isn't it? I absolutely love this gorgeous silver hue here. It looks so shiny and healthy.

For this lady here, Martin ensured to use a special hair repair system.

A dramatic color correction requires extra healing care. And his team is always ready to make sure the client leaves the salon with stronger hair than before.

Doesn't this gorgeous lady look like she could be a movie star?

Oh wow, I'm so impressed with the way her hair turned out. In this case, Martin not only changed her color, but he also added extensions to give her a new stunning look.

If I came out of a salon with a pretty hairdo like this lady, I would be smiling from ear to ear, too.

She looks genuinely happy with the way her hair looks now. What a lovely hue he chose for her, right?

Fixing damaged hair can't be an easy task, that's for sure.

But when it comes to Jack Martin, nothing is impossible. He uses a unique technique of separating small strands of hair, so the damaged hair's integrity can be better preserved.

Wow, I'm simply blown away by all these stunning hair transformations here.

As I said before, if Martin were a local hairstylist, I would go to see him right away. What do you think of what he's done for these ladies here?