20 Things That Turned Our Expectations On Their Ear

We form an impression of the world, and how things should work, from our lived experiences.

However, things don't always happen the way we think they will. After all, the world can be a pretty random place.

Let's check out some images that might just change your perception of reality. They might not break your brain, but they'll at least give it a little tease.

"This cat that lives at the parking lot at my job has extra toes."

Reddit | neon_noire

I once had a polydactyl cat like this, and you never fully get used to the fact that their paws are big ol' mitts.

"You Are Here. And here. And here."

Reddit | Furimbus

Forget the fact that this schematic says you're in several different places — there's something about the way it's presented that gives me anxiety.

"I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person with with opposite colors walked into the frame."

Reddit | plsbabylemonade

I like how the photographer assumes the guy is in costume but the woman isn't. Like, maybe she decided to dress as Reverse Joker for the day.

"I refuse to go full circle."

Reddit | mr_Biscut

I hope this isn't a kids' toy. If it is, some poor kid will grow up thinking circles look like Pac-Man.

"An old laptop we dug up at work uses an overhead light to illuminate the keyboard."

Reddit | The_Spark38

I kind of like this low-tech approach to lighting a keyboard. You could turn on the lamp if you're working late and feeling lonely.

"This freshly remodeled house with three types of siding."

Reddit | SolarAnomaly

I guess the homeowners just went for whatever siding was cheapest at any given time. It makes the house look confused, though.

"How many ways can you get a map wrong?"

Reddit | Marconius6

I could spend some time pointing out the many flaws of this map, or I could applaud it for at least getting Australia correct.

"Extra long scissors for wrapping paper."

Reddit | denrae-

These would be a godsend to anyone who wraps a lot of presents, or anyone who wants scissors that would stab really well.

"Uhhh, Pikachu?"

Reddit | AgentOctoYT

I'm not a Pokemon guy, but I do know that Pikachu is supposed to be cute and bubbly. What happened, Pikachu?

"One of the carrots in my garden decided to put all its energy into the stem and leaves, with almost no actual carrot."

Reddit | albalfa

The bad news? The carrot selection tonight will be meagre. The good news? There's tons of leafy greens if you're into that.

"Would you like smol PP or big PP?"

Reddit | namayuxin

This looks like when you're just learning how to use Photoshop and accidentally layer all of your graphics together.

"This neighbor built a fence through their neighbors boat ramp after finding out they owned a corner of the property."

Reddit | KingofSunnyvale

Sure, you were expecting the boat ramp to continue, but that means you underestimated just how petty this guy's neighbor is.

"Striped carpet on hotel stairs. Hard to use even after two weeks and completely sober."

Three possibilities here: the carpet is designed this way, with no thought to how it'll look on stairs, or it's designed to slow people down, or maybe it's just designed to injure people.

"This bumblebee lined up perfectly with the stitches on my shoe."

Reddit | Mysteriefreak

This is either a happy coincidence or a case of a bumblebee just being a big nerd for anything that shares its colors.

"This selection of play food items where the labels don’t match the items."

Reddit | pixeltip

Ah, yes, those childhood staples: yellow mayonnaise that goes on hot dogs, lemon juice and, uh, SUGARPLU.

"A cake that you can buy out of a vending machine in a can."

Reddit | cheese_n_apples

Without even looking at the label, I just knew that this was Japanese. If it's wildly out of the ordinary and comes from a vending machine, it usually is.

"The sticker on my high school hat I’ve had for ten years fell off showing the original color."

Reddit | Toxic_Don

I'm a big hat nerd, and I have to say that this guy deserves whatever he gets for leaving that sticker on his hat for ten years.

"This closet in a German hotel needs several warnings.. and I still almost hit my head."

Reddit | MichiWiegi

It's almost like this closet was designed to injure people. What's wrong with good, old-fashioned regular doors?

"My left and right shoes (Stan Smith's) were manufactured in different countries. Always assumed shoes were made in pairs."

Reddit | BeneficialTax5

This surprises me a bit too, but then, I've never looked that closely at my shoes. I wonder how these shoes, manufactured in different countries, eventually found one another.

"The ketchup and mayonnaise packets I got from a restaurant with my food are the opposite brands of what I would consider their specialty."

Reddit | movieman56

This just feels inherently wrong, although I can't think of a real objection to a condiment manufacturer making different kinds of condiments.

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