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People Are Sharing Common Things They Find Gross

What grosses you out? Everyone has something that they can't stand, whether it's nailbiting or even something as specific as the taste of raisins.

Now, in a recent Reddit thread, people have begun sharing the common things that they can't seem to stomach. Have a look and discover all the things you never knew were actually disgusting!

Public restrooms.

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You have to imagine that a good number of public restroom floors have either been puked, peed, or pooped on. Try and remember that the next time you're walking in and imagine tracking another person's fecal matter into your home.

Sliced processed cheese, wrapped in plastic.

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More specifically, "Kraft American cheese slices," explains Reddit user al_bc. "You could hold me up at cheese point and I’d give you everything I’ve got, I can’t even stand to look at the stuff."

Instagram/TikTok reels of chiropractic adjustments.

Have you ever seen someone receive a "magic hug" or even worse — a "ring dinger"? If so, then you know precisely what I'm talking about. Whenever I see someone's neck move in that manner, I immediately think that they're dead.

The taste of raisins.

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This Reddit user says that they absolutely love the taste of grapes, but for some reason can't seem to stand raisins. If you ask me, that's probably because a raisin in a grape that's lost its soul.

Foot fetishes.

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As odd as it may seem, foot fetishes are incredibly common. No judgment if that's what you're into, I just don't see the appeal.

The idea of picking someone's toe jam doesn't excite me — it makes me want to vomit.

Water Parks.

Reddit user scared4lyf says that "The water is never clear and a bunch of people’s pee and spit is all over the place, plus they’re always hella crowded."

I try not to think about the pee, but sometimes it becomes too much to bear.

Wearing shoes inside.

Unsplash | Joseph Barrientos

I can attest that this is most definitely a cultural phenomenon. Anywhere I've been in North America, people would think you rude if you tried to walk through their home with shoes on.

On the contrary, try to remove your shoes in most European countries and they'll wonder what you're doing.

Bobbing for apples.

"Everyone’s spit is in that tub of water," explained Redditor CornWallaceOwO. "I do not want to put my open mouth on that slobbery apple."

I doubt very much that this time-honored Halloween tradition will continue in a post-pandemic world.

When people let their dog lick them on the face.

Unsplash | James Barker

Are you kidding me? You know that the dog was just tonguing its own ass not 30 seconds before you started making out with the damn thing. Either get a room or get lost because I can't handle it.

Lip smacking sounds while eating.

This makes me want to scream. Why do some people feel the need to smack their lips while they eat? What's worse is those people who moan in satisfaction after every bite. It's just gross.

Taking a bath.

Unsplash | Roberto Nickson

Reddit user BadMutherCusser doesn't understand the point of taking a bath at all. For one thing, you're literally sitting and stewing in your own filth. And another — it completely negates the entire point, which is to cleanse oneself.


Redditor Zukazuk says that "Apparently it's a genetic thing like cilantro with three levels watery, floral, and boar urine. Guess which one I got."

I know I'm going to regret asking this question, but what makes boar urine smell differently than other urine?

Society's obsession with taking selfies.

Unsplash | Casey Chae

Why is it that people feel the need to take these ridiculous pictures everywhere they go? Have you ever seen a single selfie that looked good because I certainly haven't. Remember selfie sticks? Those were the freaking worst.

Bringing food into the bedroom.

Unsplash | Serghei Savchiuc

"Food play during sex the choclate[sic] sauce might seem like a good idea but its[sic] sticky and a bitch to clean up," writes Redditor teaspoon_of_ADHD.

I never understood the appeal of food play during foreplay. It always seemed so unnecessarily messy.

Biting your nails.

The next time you go to bite your nails, remember this: underneath those nailbeds is a cesspool of germs. You're quite literally chewing on dead skin and sometimes even trace amounts of fecal matter — no joke.